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  1. I posted about this before but the connection still shows and constantly changes. The "device" sometimes gives me the option to Open the device interface, which currently, launches a browser window to the IP:, which just generates a 404-error. I have no idea what this device is, but I do know it's nothing of mine. The IP address of the device shows as but this constantly changes to several(10-15 different). I've used several different tools to figure out what it is but only ESET has ever shown it. Thoughts?
  2. Just wondering if this looked normal at all and if anyone could explain what these are in the screenshot.
  3. I set it to Use Windows Settings and it did nothing except just didn't show the pop up this time
  4. I can do that but it feels like if it works, then it's more or less ignoring the issue at that point. The point being why it's detected at all.
  5. The device is wired via cat 6 not Wi-Fi. Could the explanation just be as simple as CHM is just detecting regular browser traffic between the modem and computer and that's why IP's are pretty random? Also the fact that only ESET is able to detect this out of everything I've tried is puzzling.
  6. Uninstalling Edge made no noticeable difference. This latest time it connected the IP address was initially shown as ( but then switched to my computer address (10.0.0.xxx). It also shows as running network services but they are different this time as shown in the screenshot.
  7. I'm going to completely uninstall Edge to see if that makes any sort of difference.
  8. No proxy server and actually I've disabled port 445/SMB now as I have no need for it. All the tests pass at https://www.grc.com/shieldsup also. I wish there was another tool that would detect this anomaly other than ESET.
  9. Now it changed to IP and the name is my computer name .local, like: workpc.local
  10. is my computer's address and no 00-11-22-AB-CD-EF is not my routers MAC address.
  11. Not much and it seems to vary but right now it's showing(blacked out computer and network name for privacy)
  12. Yes that's it and I when I click it that's how I obtain the above details
  13. I have it set like that and yes I do get a pop-up saying a device connected when it happens but nothing further.
  14. I have checked all my modem settings including changing the passwords to more secure ones and upping the firewall level also. Why would ESET only be able to see this and literally nothing else I've tried can, though? That's the puzzling part.
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