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  1. I set it to Use Windows Settings and it did nothing except just didn't show the pop up this time
  2. I can do that but it feels like if it works, then it's more or less ignoring the issue at that point. The point being why it's detected at all.
  3. The device is wired via cat 6 not Wi-Fi. Could the explanation just be as simple as CHM is just detecting regular browser traffic between the modem and computer and that's why IP's are pretty random? Also the fact that only ESET is able to detect this out of everything I've tried is puzzling.
  4. Uninstalling Edge made no noticeable difference. This latest time it connected the IP address was initially shown as ( but then switched to my computer address (10.0.0.xxx). It also shows as running network services but they are different this time as shown in the screenshot.
  5. I'm going to completely uninstall Edge to see if that makes any sort of difference.
  6. No proxy server and actually I've disabled port 445/SMB now as I have no need for it. All the tests pass at https://www.grc.com/shieldsup also. I wish there was another tool that would detect this anomaly other than ESET.
  7. Now it changed to IP and the name is my computer name .local, like: workpc.local
  8. is my computer's address and no 00-11-22-AB-CD-EF is not my routers MAC address.
  9. Not much and it seems to vary but right now it's showing(blacked out computer and network name for privacy)
  10. Yes that's it and I when I click it that's how I obtain the above details
  11. I have it set like that and yes I do get a pop-up saying a device connected when it happens but nothing further.
  12. I have checked all my modem settings including changing the passwords to more secure ones and upping the firewall level also. Why would ESET only be able to see this and literally nothing else I've tried can, though? That's the puzzling part.
  13. It was gone for a while but now ESET detected it again as shown in the screenshot
  14. Just the usual(expected) devices are shown using this software as per all the other software I've tried.
  15. Interesting because I have been using some Bluetooth devices recently(USB bluetooth keys for a controller). I don't have them currently plugged in but I did install some drivers for them, although I uninstalled the drivers after removing the device so, not sure? I also currently use a 2.4ghz wireless gaming controller which is directly plugged into the PC. Although no idea how to check any information on that.
  16. I should mention the only reason this sparked some interest is because only ESET CHM so far has detected it. I tried other ways to see it(Avast, AVG, TrendMicro and other IP scanner utilities) but only ESET has ever found anything. This almost leads me to believe it's just a problem with ESET CHM somehow.
  17. Here is a screenshot of relevant ports on that test. All other tests on the site say Stealth(pass) also. I know that port 445 is open on my computer though, if it matters.
  18. As the title says, only ESET Connected Home Monitor seems to be finding this "device". I have tried many other ways to see it but nothing else can find it. Because of this it makes me believe it's just an error or something to do with ESET itself. The "device" shows as different things sometimes, but a common one is "edge-mqtt-shv-01-any2" or "edge-mqtt-shv-01-any2.facebook.com" and the IP is the same as my local computer(10.0.0.xxx) but sometimes it's a different IP which can be looked up as Facebook Ireland and sometimes Google. Makes no sense to me. The MAC address is always the same, being 00-11-22-AB-CD-EE - CIMSIS Inc Sometimes there will be an icon saying it is running network services(port 445, SMB 2), shown in the attached screenshots. ESET sees it at random times during the day, doesn't seem to be specific and nothing I do seems to trigger it. Any ideas?
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