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  1. Great news! I confess I expected more tools (1 year to add 2 items) but still hope it will be added at least a sandbox or improved proactive defense (ESET has a large detection, no further suite is 100% if more endurance HIPS would be welcome if can change the interface,I confess I've got sick,modernize it, a more flat style would be cool the important news is focused on protecting, protection botnet is welcome I'm waiting for more news
  2. Description: Add an option to Internet Banking Detail: I would like to be added to the new version of ESET SS, additional protection in the hour that we perform banking transactions, which when entering these sites, we had an additional protection, such as the keyboard, a portfolio to add passwords, etc. .. Description: A new interface (urgent) Detail: I miss a modern interface for ESET, year in and out and the interface remains virtually the same, I'd love to see a new interface Description: Scanning Options Detail: I would really like scanning options were clearer: quic
  3. Hello I have seen many questions in the forum here about sending malware to ESET, I'm having the same problem, I have samples here around 30 wherein Eset does not detect, sent following the tutorial from the official website and not get response. I'm very sad about it, every day I have files that I would be looked at quickly, since these are zero day. Already sent request for them to look my first file, but no answer. I would like a solution to this, how do I send files to which they are watched quickly, like Avira, Emsisoft for example? I await response !
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