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  1. Is the management agent available publically or just the antivirus software?
  2. I got about a dozen servers overnight complaining about the same thing. Reboot didn't fix it, repair install of ESET did not fix it. ERA console isn't reporting an error on any of these. What's interesting is it's only affecting a handful of servers at a single client where ESET is deployed (I work for an MSP.)
  3. Thanks! Ran the EXE using our remote management system (Labtech), all but two servers responded to the fix immediately.
  4. I'm sure a link will be provided, when it's ready. They're still testing it.
  5. Shifting the time/date on a domain-joined server is NOT a simple feat for File Security endpoints. I would rather just boot to safe mode and use the ESET uninstall tool to remove and push out v7.1 instead.
  6. I'm seeing this error on some v6.6 endpoints this morning as well that didn't have the problem last week.
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