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  1. Delete both EFDEUpdateService.cfg EFDEUpdateService.log under C😕ProgramData\ESET\ESET Full Disk Encryption\Updater and the problem will be solved
  2. I have created the zip file, to which email should I send it?
  3. After updating ESET Full Disk Encryption to ESET Full Disk Encryption I get error "Recent update attempts failed".
  4. Hi, I'm not able to protect the users in Cloud Office Security, When I select the users and then click on protect the status dosen't change and stay Unprotected. I have 12 licences unused and the tenant are connected. Thanks for your help, Dimosthenis
  5. Hi to all, I try to make a "Send wake-up call" to any mobile device, and i always get the same message Failed to send Wake-up call to following clients. Device name: Device is not registered to ESET Push Notification Service. Latest version of ESMC and MDM are installed. Î’ecause it's a test lab environment all the firewall ports are open. Regards, Dimos
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