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  1. eset nod 32 gives error communicating with the server.then i go to Start------>Run---------->services and click on eset nod 32 and then click on start.then its start eset nod32 successfully.but when i reboot my computer i receive the same error again.Isnt there a permanent solution to this problem.R egards. OS.Winxpsp3.
  2. Question: Are you able to login and see your desktop in safemode ? Can you run the Uninstaller at all ? Answer: NO. Question: If its asking for your local profile username, you have to pick the one you login with normally followed by your password if requested.? Answer: There are no options.theres only this message.when you go to safe mode. Q: 1. Turn on the local administrator account and login to that account in safemode.? A: you cannot go to safe mode.this message is a kind of a wall between me going to safe mode.
  3. on winxpsp3 when i go to safe mode i get this error message which just doesnt go away To Begin click your username. i hope this prob can be solved. regards.
  4. Thanks kristi.exactly this problem i am facing on winxp.its also difficult to uninstall with the above mentioned uninstaller.Interesting to note is that on winxpsp3 when i/you go to safe mode i get this onscreen error message which just stays there and doesnt go away.To begin click your username. i hope someone will solve this prob. Regards.
  5. i googled eset nod32 7 uninstaller and when used it ,it seemed to uninstall eset but when saw start menu of windows it was still there.whats good uninstaller for nod32. Regards
  6. marcos can it be uninstalled completely.coz i googled eset uninstaller but when i used it to uninstall eset 7 nod327 was not uninstalled.it showed progress of uninstallation and some deleting of files but nod32 7 was still there.Though my question seems to become another question for which i am sorry.
  7. sometimes nod32 give following error when windows starts. Error communicating with the Kernel plz tell me whats solution of this problem.
  8. is nod32 good for android or NOT!.
  9. hi, can anyone explain how to disable splash screen of nod32 7 .Regards.
  10. hi all, hoping to find good friends. Regards.
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