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  1. About time. Using SMBv1 is like driving without a seat belt waiting the accident to happen. My only question is if it would be a good policy for eset to enable these options in firewall by default which are currently disabled.
  2. This could easily be named the funniest-cutest feature request of 2019🤣
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Andreas and I am happy to join ESET Security Forum. -How did you find the ESET Security Forum? -I am an ESET user for the past 2 years. I kept an eye in the forum by reading discussions here for quite some time and I decided to create an account to actively participate in discussions. -What OS are you running? Windows 10 Insiders (Slow Ring) -What AV are you running? -ESET Smart Security Premium -What’s an interesting fact about you? -I am studying Computer Engineering in Athens, Greece and I am a computer and netwo
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