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  1. Good! I didn't know about that. By window dimensions I mean every and any program window that can be resized. For example, the advanced setup window. When you close it (by pressing ok obviously) and open again, it's back in the default size. This is especially painful with windows with lots of settings, like firewall rules window. And it applies to columns width as well. The end result is really crappy user experience, and changing anything is extremely annoying and generally pain in the butt.
  2. Please let us disable notifications when certain parts of ESS are disabled. When I disable something, I do it for a reason, and I do not need to be told not to do it. In fact, I feel somewhat insulted by this. I paid money for this product and I want to use it however I want. With the permanent big red exclamation mark that's showing because I consciously disabled certain features I actually can't be notified about real problems when something happens. P.S. Window dimensions are STILL not being saved. I'm seriously thinking about not renewing my licence next time. There are way too many annoying things about this program, and noone cares to listen.
  3. Yes. Windows dimensions are not saved in v10 either. Also, a nitpick: when I resize a column, it would be nice (and I belive it's kind of a standard now) to show the text while I'm dragging the mouse around.
  4. I decided to enable firewall logging, and the program is now bugging me about it every few seconds. Again, extremely annoying. I want to keep the desktop notifications though in case a virus is detected or something. I don't want to be reminded to turn logging off. I mean what the hell? I enabled it for a reason. I'm starting to get unpleasant feeling about ESS knowing better than me what I want. That is unacceptable. Why can't you give users freedom to configure product they paid for the way they want? This goes for other notifications a well btw. I disabled anti-phishing protection and can't get rid of the alert. I did that intentionally!
  5. One more thing: inability to sort rules in firewall configuration. I wanted to test the learning mode, and quickly realized it was impossible to sort the rules for example by name. Result: useless, because everything is in one giant pile. With few pages worth of generated rules it's virtually impossible not to get lost. P.S. I assume this and my previous complaint is one of the core things that are likely unchanged across different versions of the program.
  6. I don't know, I use version 9 - which is visually raped enough, coming from v8. 10 looks even more flat and even more horrible, and I have zero intentions to install that. On that note, I really don't understand what are you guys thinking when designing the interface. Everyone is crazy about Windows 10. Allright, but why does everyone have to produce ugly looking programs because of that?
  7. I have ESS 9 and have just realized that windows positions are not saved. This is extremely annoying. I am currently configuring firewall in interactive mode, and every single time I reopen the rules window it's shrunk to the default size, no matter how I previously resize it. This seems to apply to all resizeable windows of the program. Please fix this.
  8. Kakashi please stop spamming and stop posting utterly stupid nonsenses. It would be much better if you invested your time in english lessons instead of all this.
  9. -Content deleted- Now, what did I have in mind? I think it would be nice if we could get settings editor. I know this is part of the remote management interface (or whatever is it called, it's been like 3 years since I was working with that), but it's a handy feature some desktop users migth benefit from as well.
  10. From my short time exploring version 7 I have the following suggestions: 1) In HIPS rules configuration, add Del key functionality just like in firewall section. 2) In firewall rules configuration, allow selection of multiple rules just like it works in HIPS section. 3) Let the users customize logging for both of the above features so that for example allowed events can be hidden. Currently, the only setting I can find is to hide blocked events, which is fine, but there really is no customization possibility at all. 4) Make log window save it's position, size, and columns. Ideally, also make this save into the configuration file when exporting settings. (this apparently applies to all windows) 4a) Better copy/paste functionality in the log, for example the ability to copy the contents of one "cell". This would be very useful for firewall log if I wanted to quickly grab an IP address
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