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  1. Occasionally I get an alert about Inbound DNS traffic from my ISP's DNS server on port 60228. Is it ok to allow this?
  2. Yes, but does this mean that the Windows firewall is completely disabled? The windows firewall is still running as a service.
  3. I read in the KB that Eset disabled the Windows Firewall...but every PC I've installed this on still has the Windows Firewall running. I need to make some changes to autotuning on the Windows Firewall and I'm just wondering how this is affected by the Eset Firewall?
  4. What does this do exactly? Because it sure doesn't work to solve the problem he, and I, have.
  5. Please fix this broken UI in v9.x. Ridiculous. And while we are at it..."show splash screen at startup"? What is this? 1995? I hate this...and I hate that I have to disable it for each user that logs in.
  6. I need to have some rules set up in Remote Administrator that allows rules learned on the client side. I don't want every client learned rule to show up just specific rules.
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