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  1. What is the laptop? What CPU does it have? Does it have a 32-bit UEFI BIOS or a 64-bit UEFI BIOS? The eset_sysecuse_live_enu.iso does not support UEFI32 systems. Try to configure the BIOS to Legacy-boot.
  2. Easy2Boot uses grub4dos and can boot directly from the ISO - no iso-scan/filename= is needed because it uses the grub4dos partnew command. You can add your own menu for eset using a .mnu file and even have persistence. See 'List of tested ISOs' page for blog articles on Eset ISos. Press F3 to select a keyboard. You can also try adding keyboard-configuration/layoutcode=gb AFTER the end of the line (after ---) for a UK keyboard. To find the correct kbd string, use F3 to change the keyboard and then boot, then in the terminal type: dmesg and look around the 2
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