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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for your help. The parameter to select the language worked. But if it is used together with the locale-parameter, the German umlauts are broken. Not so important for me, since I can now execute scripts like ./install.sh without finding the right keys by trial an error (umlauts are rarely used). Your other hint regarding the partnew-command was good. Although I read about it the evening before my post, I didn't used it because it just looked like a nasty workaround. But I tried it and it worked. It is still a nasty workaround since partnew creates a new partition
  2. Hi, I have a ntfs-formated usb-drive, which uses Grub4Dos to boot several live-systems directly from the ISOs . I wanted to add your "SysRescue 1.0.16" to this stick and it mostly works. But some things are missing. Here is the working configuration for Grub4Dos title ESET SysRescue 1.0.16 (20180521) find --set-root /ESET-SysRescue-1.0.16.iso map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 /ESET-SysRescue-1.0.16.iso (0xff) || map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 --mem /ESET-SysRescue-1.0.16.iso (0xff) map --hook kernel (0xff)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper live-media=/dev/disk/by-label/<
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