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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Already in contact with Support, slight change, uninstallation of ESET Mobile Security from the test client's Android Personal Profile may have had an impact. I can now see that the client device is using an old certificate, the MDMCore.msi was reinstalled with the correct new certificate but seems to have rolled back to an old certificate. Could this be the recycled SQL database? Current MDM Connector status has the alert "HTTPS certificate change still in progress. The old certificate is still being used" and the newly registered (but not properly enrol
  2. EMC Server 7.2 - MS Server 2019 MDMCore 7.2.4206 Windows 10 v2004 HTTP Proxy 2.4.43 History We recently upgraded from 6.5 to 7, 7.1 then 7.2. The Apache HTTP Proxy and Mobile Device Connector upgrades were particularly irksome due in part to the new certificates and CAs. Following the 7.2 upgrade we had to re-installed the MDM Connector and Apache HTTPS Proxy. All seems well with ESET replication on external client agents that have their new agent certificates and, the proxy cache is also working correctly. The MDMCore status page entries are green with replications an
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