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  1. It's in English. But I guess the extension follows the Chrome's language. I try setting Chrome to English, and the extension works fine showing English. But not when changing back to Chinese (Traditional). It just simply shows Chinese (Simplified).
  2. I currently set my Chrome language to Chinese (Traditional), however, the extension still shows Chinese (Simplified), which confuses me a lot.
  3. @Marcos Oh i see. Is there any ways to join in the Insider Program? Btw, will it be enabled on released V13? Also I am looking forward to its detection performance!
  4. Is there any news about the ML engine on the local client? like the ML detection. Seems like ESET hasn't implemented a local ML engine for customers yet. And haven't seen any of its detection.
  5. It didn’t show any version about the module unless I’m using the Pre-released update. Is partion of the Behavioral Inspection hasn’t been turned on yet?
  6. Currently, I'm using EIS And the Behaviour Inspection Module hasn't listed into the module list unless I turn on the Pre-released Update. I'm very curious to see how it works. Because it didn't work when I'm running some of the malware. Thanks for answering.
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