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  1. Cause the remote component upgrade task failed:

    ReadUpgradeStatus: Upgrade infrastructure task failed: Error upgrading with installer '/tmp/d85e-7315-34f1-413e/MDMCore-Linux-x86_64.sh': Command failed (exit code: 2)

    How can I Upgrade the MDMCore by hand? 

    Manual only describe installation but no manual upgrade.


    Thx a lot,


  2. I'm not sure what exactly you mean. Your license is valid for both v5 and v6. If you need to update v5 on a computer that doesn't have ERA Agent installed, your existing username and password will continue to work and updates will work alright.

    Thats almost what I wanted to know ;)


    To use my license in V6 ERAS, I have to convert it on https://ela.eset.com. My question was: can I still use V5 ERAS after converting the license to a V6 format?

  3. If there is a new minor version, e.g. 5.0.2254 -> 5.0.2260, will theses features (e.g. Support for Office 2016) also available via module update to older version? (e.g. 5.0.X or even 4.X)?


    Or should always done an upgrade via upgrade task/PCU?


    THX a lot,



  4. Note that Endpoint 5.0.2260 cannot be installed using an Upgrade client task due to a new signature in the msi installer. It should be possible to deploy it via a push install, however. Could you post a screen shot of the message you're getting when attempting to push v5.0.2260 on clients?


    PUSH installation is not possible. The upgrade procedure is providing the user the "remote installer" (300K) which is started by user manually. 


    The installation mostly failed with this error line: "Status 2902, ID 103: A package with the same name has already been installed on this computer."


    This isn't a problem of ??? -> 5.0.2260. 

    I think the problem is, that the eri only checks package name, not package version :(

  5. ***Push***


    Still have the problem (even in 4.5). No param for extract only without install? Funny that the binaries try to install rpm and bsd on deb systems :/


    oh, I see, there are no other params as --skip-license.


    Why not provide the possibility? (E.g. to use company internal repositories for deployment)


    I just started using it for the 1st time.  Symantec always worked for me. I'm so sorry I changed to this. I tried to do a refund from the reseller but they couldnt do it.  I am stuck with this product and cant wait till I can go to something, anything else! Support is horrible, takes forever to get a live person, then chat takes forever.  I'm so done and still have 11 more months to go.


    +1. Had a few support tickets, none were resolved. Product is a POS and support is non-existent.


    Try ERAS 5. It also has some bugs by design, but it works in almost any use case. 

  7. I hope it is activated in case AGENT managing MDC is not reporting any issues. Are they any other issues except error output in trace.log you posted earlier?


    Regarding MDC version information - it is yet another issue in ESET repository. Version is the latest official MDC release. Please ignore these version check report, it is caused by undergoing preparations for new release.

    Hi martin,


    thx for support. I think it is working now, except this.




  8. We had to remove the songs to protect Nigel from all the paparazzi...jk but I have inquired with our web team regarding the 404 page you mentioned and whether the content has been moved to another location. Just curios, but how much do you think that a first pressing, signed copy of the original CD would go for? 

    Signed copy with every brought of 1000 or more licenses ... I'm in ;) 


  9. It seems that the iso file with Windows 10 build 11082 contains a newer version of appraiser unfortunately doesn't not have a bug causing compatible products to uninstall fixed. Because it's newer than the version on the Internet, the fixed version is not downloaded. We'll continue investigating it and report it to Microsoft, if needed.

    Thx for response.

    Installed via autoupdate, not using any iso. But today I realized, that EA isn't fully uninstalled. It is still listened within software. But services, start menu etc is removed.


    Up on that, there is still the problem, that realtime protection is disabled after every restart on build ?10565?



    After repairing and setting autostart realtime protection again it seems working on 11082. 

    Can't test on Version 1511.

  10. Is it yet (6.2.200) possible to created unattended/protected installers for the agent (Minimal dialog, no possibility to cancel the process) like in V5?


    Seems the exported batch file isn't signed, so simply change msi params would done this!?

    Dim params: params = "/qr /i"

    e.g. using /passive or /quite or /qn... Whats the /i for?


    Case it isn't signed, how to prevent some one from changing relevant params?


    Is it finally possible to protect the uninstallation of the agent (and the endpoint protection) via password?


    Thx a lot,



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