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  1. Hi, I've found the solution. In my case it worked with and older version of mysql, I don't know why but after almost all updates of mysql have failed after made changes on my.ini file and it stuck at starting. In this case you have to install mysql installer community as the kb says, after that you stop the service and make the changes. Finally you restart the service, if it stucks just restart the server and that's all Regards
  2. I think the information has not been clear, I am the regional support of my country but the documentation is not enough. If there is someone who has information on the procedure I would appreciate it. Regards
  3. I was the one who installed it and I am part of one of the distributors. In this case I consult it by this means because although we have asked, locally there is not much information or experience on this product and the documentation does not touch this subject. If there is any information you can give me about it, I would appreciate a lot
  4. We have tried to change the ip address of an EEI Server, but at the moment of completing the proccess from the Windows Server 2016, it is not successful. We can´t access to the console and we can only regain access if we go back the process. ¿is there any defined proccess to change the IP from an EEI Server?
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