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  1. Hi, I've found the solution. In my case it worked with and older version of mysql, I don't know why but after almost all updates of mysql have failed after made changes on my.ini file and it stuck at starting. In this case you have to install mysql installer community as the kb says, after that you stop the service and make the changes. Finally you restart the service, if it stucks just restart the server and that's all Regards
  2. I think the information has not been clear, I am the regional support of my country but the documentation is not enough. If there is someone who has information on the procedure I would appreciate it. Regards
  3. I was the one who installed it and I am part of one of the distributors. In this case I consult it by this means because although we have asked, locally there is not much information or experience on this product and the documentation does not touch this subject. If there is any information you can give me about it, I would appreciate a lot
  4. We have tried to change the ip address of an EEI Server, but at the moment of completing the proccess from the Windows Server 2016, it is not successful. We can´t access to the console and we can only regain access if we go back the process. ¿is there any defined proccess to change the IP from an EEI Server?
  5. yes, they are with the default configuration of the startup tasks
  6. In fact most of the Lenovo machines, in the anti-theft module have the option to disable the Computrace module and it works well because I have tried these machines. But others like HP, which are the client's machines, do not. That's why I can not deactivate them there. The Lenovo machines with which I am testing have the module turned on and some are detected by ESET and others are not, taking into account that the scan and security options are active under the same conditions.
  7. All PC's what I'm talking about have turnered on the detection of potentially unsafe applications and some of them have the alert and the other ones don't
  8. I understand that as I told before. The exactly doubt is why in some cases is detected Computrace but in other ones no? I dont know if it depends about computrace version or if it's detected some suspicious connections.
  9. I was doing tests because this has happened to us before with some clients. In all the tests I have done are computers with UEFI. For example a client has 1000 pcs and this happens in 50pcs, despite having the same configurations, in fact in my test environment I have machines where I enable the computrace and I have strict security options and I do not detect it and in others yes. For that reason I have the doubt
  10. I understand that ESET can not eliminate detection of the EFI / COMPUTRACE threat because it depends solely on the manufacturer of the machine, BIOS update or Absolute Software. The question is, Why on some machines does it detect it as a UEFI threat and on other machines it does not detect it even though it has it active? Could it be because ESET detected unusual connections or what other option could it be?
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