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    Tatiana received kudos from AJ1 in MySQL service stuck at starting after increasing 'innodb_log_file_size'   
    I've found the solution. In my case it worked with and older version of mysql, I don't know why but after almost all updates of mysql have failed after made changes on my.ini file and it stuck at starting. 
    In this case you have to install mysql installer community as the kb says, after that you stop the service and make the changes. Finally you restart the service, if it stucks  just restart the server and that's all
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    Tatiana received kudos from persian-boy in EFI/ COMPUTRACE   
    I understand that ESET can not eliminate detection of the EFI / COMPUTRACE threat because it depends solely on the manufacturer of the machine, BIOS update or Absolute Software.
    The question is, Why on some machines does it detect it as a UEFI threat and on other machines it does not detect it even though it has it active? Could it be because ESET detected unusual connections or what other option could it be?
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