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  1. After hours of racking our brains on this anomaly of a system and a good bit of time with ESET Business Support, we've opted to simply wipe and restore the system. Thank you all for your assistance and persistence in dealing with this issue.
  2. In complete chronological order: We uninstalled Total Defense, rebooted, attempted to install ESET, failed with the aforementioned error, tried to remove all traces of ESET in both the registry and any folders or files in safe mode, attempted a reinstall, failed, utilized the ESET Uninstaller in safe mode which found remenants of Symantec, attempted to install again which failed, tried to use the ESET uninstaller again which uncovered nothing, and any attempts to install after have been met with the same error message. Apart from wiping the slate clean and just opting for a format and install, I'm spinning my tires in the mud trying to get this to work.
  3. Unfortunately no success with the same error. Thank you though Patrick for the information none-the-less.
  4. Hello all, I had searched high and low for a remedy to this situation before posting, but the only resources I can find go back to 2009 and doesn't provide a fix. Trying to install ESET Endpoint Security on a system. The system previously had Total Defense installed on it, which we uninstalled to replace with ESET. I keep receiving the error message while installing: "Error writing to file: C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Endpoint Security\Drivers\epfwndis\epfwndis.sys. Verify that you have access to this directory." The system never had ESET on it prior. After each failed install, we've tried clearing out every trace of ESET in the registry and any remaining files leftover when the system forces a rollback after a failed installation (to which there usually are not any). We've attempted to reset local security policies to allow writing, but that has no effect aswell. I was hoping I could receive some insight on this situation to hopefully finish this install- I've attached an install log with this post. Thank you for your time. install.txt
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