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    Bill_k gave kudos to TomFace in Introduce yourself   
    Hello and welcome to the Forum Bill_k. You'll find some very knowledgeable ESET Staff and forum members here. I find that ESET products are superior to their competition and the Customer Support (which includes this forum) to be very good and responsive.
    Looking forward to seeing you here.
    Best regards.    
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    Bill_k received kudos from Peter Randziak in Introduce yourself   
    I'm a semi-retired engineer with a background in telecommunications software development and project management. I've always had an interest in computer security and its related software, and have been through a large number of available solutions in the market. I've found that ESET is the most efficient in its resource usage as well as offering the best level of control while also operating with a minimum of intrusions compared to its competitors. Looking forward to gaining knowledge about ESET's products on this forum, and am excited about the 2019 version of ESET Internet Security which from what I read here is expected to be released shortly. ☺️
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