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  1. I would strongly heed Marcos' expert advice to leave HIPS protection enabled. Looking at your settings I believe the problem you're encountering may be due to your setting of the HIPS Filtering Mode to Interactive. I have HIPS Filtering Mode set to Automatic with all HIPS protection enabled and get no such popups. Give that a try and let us know if it works for you. Hopefully this simple change will enable you to get your work done!
  2. Bill_k


    @TomFace - Please accept my sincere apologies for sharing a link to an existing post about an upcoming release, I wasn't aware of that rule (not that ignorance of the law is a valid excuse!)
  3. Bill_k


    According to this post the 2019 versions are expected to be released on August 20th!
  4. Not doubting that this license is invalid, but isn't there an issue with the 'Help and support' screen where it appears to be displayed as an active license? 😕
  5. This ESET support article states, "Users with a valid license can upgrade to the latest product version for free". So it appears with an active license you would get the 2019 version.
  6. Bill_k

    Introduce yourself

    I'm a semi-retired engineer with a background in telecommunications software development and project management. I've always had an interest in computer security and its related software, and have been through a large number of available solutions in the market. I've found that ESET is the most efficient in its resource usage as well as offering the best level of control while also operating with a minimum of intrusions compared to its competitors. Looking forward to gaining knowledge about ESET's products on this forum, and am excited about the 2019 version of ESET Internet Security which from what I read here is expected to be released shortly. ☺️