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  1. To help clarify further, once you activate the first device with a multi-user license the clock starts running. The license is then valid for the duration of the term purchased regardless if any other devices are activated and even if the first device is deactivated. This is a common practice in the security software industry.
  2. If you perform the upgrade from within the program you should not lose your settings. If you uninstall ESET and perform a new install then you would lose your settings. In either case just to be sure you have a backup of your settings you could use the Export Settings option on the Setup page. This will allow you to create and save an XML file with all of your settings which can later be imported to restore your settings. Hope this helps!
  3. I don't see any obvious changes but haven't compared all available options. The only thing that matches this forum's header color is the ESET logo. It seems to be running smoothly but I wasn't experiencing any issues with the previous version.
  4. The process is explained on this support page.
  5. Just as another point of reference, I'm running Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build 64-bit) with ESET IS and HIPS enabled in automatic mode without any issues.
  6. As a ranked "Senior Advisor" I'd say you're entitled to more than just one!
  7. I also confess to going back and forth between several security software packages, always attempting to find something better... but in the end I find myself coming back to ESET. It has the lowest impact on the system providing both efficient resource usage and a high level of customization options. With the excellent level of support provided in this forum ESET differentiates itself from the competition. ?
  8. From what I've read you might have better luck blocking ExoClick ads using the uBlock Origin extension.
  9. Glad you were able to resolve the problem! Like many I've also tried alternatives, but find ESET unique in its flexibility and efficient resource usage compared to the competition. ?
  10. No problems with Chrome crashes for me yet either, but Google's plan to implement a full code block by January concerns me.
  11. I'm not ESET support but believe I found the answer to your questions on the ESET SSP product page: Password manager PREMIUM Helps you store and organize passwords, automatically fill in forms, and generate extra-strong encrypted passwords for extra security. In addition to your Windows PC, you can download and use ESET Password manager on: Mac, Android, iPhone.
  12. I would strongly heed Marcos' expert advice to leave HIPS protection enabled. Looking at your settings I believe the problem you're encountering may be due to your setting of the HIPS Filtering Mode to Interactive. I have HIPS Filtering Mode set to Automatic with all HIPS protection enabled and get no such popups. Give that a try and let us know if it works for you. Hopefully this simple change will enable you to get your work done!
  13. @TomFace - Please accept my sincere apologies for sharing a link to an existing post about an upcoming release, I wasn't aware of that rule (not that ignorance of the law is a valid excuse!)
  14. According to this post the 2019 versions are expected to be released on August 20th!
  15. Not doubting that this license is invalid, but isn't there an issue with the 'Help and support' screen where it appears to be displayed as an active license? ?
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