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  1. thanks for that and have re-enabled SSL/TLS so far firefox working as normal
  2. I have had lots of trouble trying to get on secure sites with firefox and found the only way to do it was disable ssl/tls why is this causing problems and is it safe to run eset with this disabled
  3. so far not had any problems on my win 7 comp it scans my drives a lot quicker than the previous version not yet tried it on my win 10 laptop
  4. password changed having to change a few passwords these days forgot to add i didnt follow link on the email just incase
  5. hi Marcos thanks for the info when i install these programs i dont let them put anything on toolbar
  6. updated to the eset smart security 7 last week. did a few scans and had one dodgy file. today there was a large update to security 7. and had to restart computer I did a scan and it said i had 15 files that were a variant of win32/toolbar.conduit.b potentially unwanted application. all the applications came from ashampoo a company i have used for years with no problems. so whats happened?
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