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  1. Hello, in web console we have 101 clients and servers. But have one client with EES version 10.1.2050, while others are 10.1.2046. I check physical and ESET show 2050 version on client too, Windows 11 machine. Are there is some hotfix, that is not official to download?
  2. https://stackhackr.barkly.com/builder I use default settings for ransomware and they bypass EES 7. Can you test it too? It's good that launcher.exe is not detected as false positive, but after launch, it's execute all of his code without any restriction.
  3. It's working, now in 18214, skip a ahead build. Cheers! v6.6.2086.1
  4. New build 17723.rs5 and no HIPS and firewall ?
  5. @Marcos Not all OSes, just independent for Windows 10. This is the future, that will come up in next fall update. And tell you, that it's not only HIPS. | remember, that ESET was with problematic state on first anniversary update and it's always HIPS module, that fail. Now with 17713 changes seems to be too much also for Anti-Stealth and Firewall. I search google and came up this threat, which have similar problem for home products as endpoint one. HIPS have major problems, all the time as Windows update in core. Are this module HIPS is so cost effective compared to other security software? Just for tests now I try different trial products all with firewalls, that install OK with 17713 and this was result only EES 6.6.x fail to integrate and install on this build and this come from maybe it's main module HIPS. Believe me ESET is like chrome for me, something that know well and something that can't replace. I do this to share my vision about how looks in my sight. HIPS need tuning ;)
  6. I experience the same on 6.6.x EES. After last build 17713 HIPS stopped working. On some build before, do clean install fix the issue. I try to manual find any leftover file with ESET certificate and wasn't find any, specially after ESET uninstall tool. No file or driver leftover conflict. This week will get update to Windows, let's hope this will fix issue. If can help, after install HIPS, Anti-Stealth and Firewall modules doesn't install and work properly. So the problem itself, it's not only about HIPS. It's ESET to be behind MS, can't you make ESET OS independent? I mean program and it's cores to install in way, that OS can't prevent them? I mean before last 17713 ESET goes long time with no HIPS or other driver problems. I try AVG Internet Security, as activate full 60 trial, and program install itself in Security Center as Firewall and Antivirus just right, and actually have more graphic visuals in Windows Security center, than ESET. It was just for test, because I think Windows Defender Firewall is the issue, but wasn't.
  7. Sign me up too for 7beta, on two PCs can test it at work and home And machines are in different time /future i5-current and past x5650 x2 on x58/
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