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  1. Just for information: Win 10 18204 Eset EAV 11.2.49 EsetLogCollectorLog:Here
  2. @Marcos, plese provide a link to 11.2.49. My EAV find this versin as update, but fails to download - my EAV 11.1.54 returns message: Product update failed Communication with driver failed I'd like to install directly 11.2.49 offline as upgrade or clean install
  3. Edit: Now I re-check for update and there is 11.2.46, but failed to DL Attached archive is from eset log collector. eav_logs.zip
  4. Hi, Marcos, I saw EAV 11.2.46, but on update channel is missing. I hope there is HIPS correction in this version Where can I download this version? Pleas, provide a link. Thanks Regards.
  5. Today I install Win 10 17711 and make clean install EAV 11.1.54 - notning different, same situation - HIPS and Anti-Stealth does not work. Waiting for solution soon...
  6. I've got same issue with eav 11.1.54. After upgrade to build 17704 EAV HIPS stops working. I've tried to uninstall/clean install. Did not solve problem.
  7. After upgrade windows 10 to build 17704 ESET EAV have a problem - can't comunicate with driver. HIPS is inactive. Attached log archive: https://yadi.sk/d/JA2JgNBy3YYw5q
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