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  1. Hi My ESET Internet Security (9/9/2019 modules) keeps showing "Anti-Theft optimization warning". My device was added but does not show in the devices in the portal. Nothing I do removes this (although clicking on "check again" makes the message go away for a few seconds). I tried deleting the device using Eset main program by disabling Anti-Theft, which deleted device, then I re-enabled Anti-Theft which readded the device, still does not show in portal, and error still there.
  2. I have seen that yesterday too. I have the same version of EIS with the same issue,. Hardly secure to auto connect to an non-secure WIFI point.
  3. Many thanks Sophie, and to Driver Easy for dealing with it promptly. It seems at this moment my Eset totally blocks access to the install file not sure if they have updated their signatures yet anyway (I checked for an signature update) All the best, Mark
  4. I contacted their support and was told there is a new version released 16th Jan 2018 to resolve the above issues, and that they have contacted Eset to remove this block. No.1 for example is in the change log ; + You can choose whether to create a scheduled task when you install Driver Easy – Fixes a bug with the scheduled scan. So now when you disable or enable the scheduled scan, the same setting applies to your system etc. However I can't download it or verify anything until Eset remove the block so I can use the program I want to use and paid for.
  5. Jdashn, thank you very much for the detailed information - now I understand. I will follow up with them to see what they have to say.
  6. I have sent a message to Driver Easy hopefully they can clear this up with you. Pretty sure this will be at least partly due to the behaviour of the malware as indicated in the threads I linked.
  7. Awesome, and this morning Eset deleted my drivereasy.exe. This is a legit program I purchased some time ago. Are you now saying it's a virus? hxxp://www.virusradar.com/en/MSIL_UwS.DriverEasy.A/description This seems to have stemmed from another program using drivereasy.com as a url when it runs. explained here apparently by an employee of Driver Easy. Especially see post #5 onwards. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/205109-false-positive-of-driver-easy-by-adwcleaner/
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