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  1. ok i'll do that next time it happen because today after a fews days of neverending scan loop (whenever I rebooted the PC) it finally stopped.
  2. @itman I use ESET for years and I know when ESET is doing something or not and when it is using CPU or Disk I/O I and as a system developper I am used to deal with CPU and disk i/o and for what I could check for now all leads point to ESET doing some scan for unknown reason and when ESET is quiet you can see in screenshot that it do not use CPU neither Disk and also do not appear in Ressource Monitor doing tons of multi-threading file analyze. Another possibility could be that another process is doing a scan and in that case as ESET is in between the Windows processes and the disk driver layer then the process would make ESET doing its job that is scan the file upon request but that mean I should be able to detect such process but I could not detect any that is asking for read access to so many files.
  3. @itman all disk activity monitor show it is ESET (including my own tool that is the tthin blue bar top screen on TaskManager screenshot)
  4. I also deactivated Windows search indexer just in case it is its own indexationthat loops and make ESET react on each file opened by the Windows search motor but it was not that cause. If I could have info about which log file in ESET could be usefull to analyze and how to activate it in case it is disabled by default, may be I could understand at least when it starts and upon which "start message log" it triggers.
  5. There is no "startup scan" hint on tray icon I only see ESET version number when I move mouse over it. And I guess the scan finish at sometime and restart but I don't know when because it loop soon after previous scan. Is there any log file I can check to see some "start scan" /"end scan" date/time somewhere ? so I can see how many times it starts and how long it take for a round.
  6. hello, I am not talking about on-demand scan (never used this feature), I mean that ESET used to trigger some scan time to time but usually only at startup and when it updated its virus database, that was fine but since a few days I don't know why it do scan but never stop, I see in taskmanager that it stay quiet for a few seconds/minutes then here it scan again. I remember I had similar problem one year ago, and I found that this "long time" scan was triggered each time I opened my "download" folder so I moved all files outside the folder and it fixed the problem (cleaned also all the temps and brower's cache just in case) but this time it do not help. I know it is some kind of "full scan" because when I launch ProcMon (from SysInternals) and record erkn.exe activity I see it go into many places around the disks. And then it seems to finish the scan then... here we go again and I see thru ProcMon it is seems to scan same files again. regards.
  7. Hello, Any idea why ESET go into something like neverending scan loop ? it scan then stop then scan again problem is that it slow down the computer and also make Chrome unresponsive time to time (I guess when it is scanning some used chrome files). What are the possible events that could trigger such full scan ? I tried to empty chrome cache, %temp% and also Windows temp folder just in case. Nom de produit : ESET Internet Security Version du produit : Système d'exploitation : Windows 10 Pro(64-bit) Ordinateur : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 8097 MB RAM regards.
  8. Sorry for late reply, I didn't notice that the default "notify me of replies" option was turned off by default. As expected turning off real-time file solved the problem of the blocking "huge file scan" but then what ?
  9. Hello, Exact same behavior, Chrome freeze sometime up to 30 seconds because ESET 10.1 lauch some huge scan around my PC and I don't know why or what trigger this action. Sometime it do not scan the disk but simply freeze Chrome for a few seconds (no disk activity). And this can happen multiple times. I tried to clean up Windows Temp and also Chrome Temp internet files, no effect. I used ProcMon to check if ESET "spotted" special file/folder but no, it scan multiples files/directories. regards.
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