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  1. My issue with the slow shutdown actually went away after updating to 8.1 this morning. And yes, I was aware of the restart to disable HIPS. I went through the shutdown/turn on process well over a dozen times trying different settings with Nod32 and testing each several times just to be sure.
  2. After replying this this morning I updated to Windows 8.1 just to see if that would resolve anything. And, it seems that it did. I've shutdown, then turned on, the computer a dozen times just testing to see how quickly it shuts down. The shutdown is still longer than without Nod32 but it's now down to a pretty acceptable 15 seconds. Just in case anyone else stumbles on this the issue did not effect restart speeds. I will mark this as resolved a little later if this continues to work.
  3. 7.0.302 is installed. Also, I did try disabling one, and then the other, independently. If either one is running it slows the shutdown process significantly. Only when I disable both does the shutdown issue resolve itself.
  4. I found this thread hxxp://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=343237&goto=nextoldest which looks like it's shutdown. I'm experiencing this exact issue. I bought my Windows 8 computer 10 months ago and after loading everything on it I noticed it would take up to 10 minutes to shut down. I thought it was because of the super slow HDD it had in it. But, just this afternoon I installed a new SSD. Fresh Windows 8 install with nothing but Nod32 installed and my shutdown times went from 4-5 seconds to several minutes. Needless to say I was very disappointed. So I googled it and couldn't find an answer except on that forum link above. I disabled HIPS and real-time protection and it resolved the issue. But, that's rendering Nod32 practically useless. I just renewed my license for 2 years no knowing that Nod32 was the culprit. Hopefully there is something else I can try? I have already updated all of my drivers; which was another suggestion on that post. Please help!
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