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  1. Well the problem is in the battery saving mode. Android have different rights on different devices and system versions, it's a mess and therefore on some phones it's enough to turn on and off the battery saving mode and boom: eset parental control eset mobile security but also Kaspersky is off. Basically everything . So it's sad. I wanted to have a time limit for myself (my sister have the PIN), and I found so big bug there it's not usable. HUAWEI phones should have power settings for apps, I have LENOVO and even thou I tried to change similar settings, no help . If I'm correct, I can install old android without these great but maybe TOO powerful features . Is it possible to make warning window: "Please turn on the parental control" indestructible by disabling back and other system buttons? Like you are really forced to turn it on. It should help. And jump immediately. So, what you can do now is simply turn battery saving on and off, than uninstall parental control
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