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  1. Hi ESET Support I installed Norton Family Parental Control on my son (12 years old) device with Android 4.3 until I saw it was deactivated, somehow, anyway very disappointing. So searching for Parental Control applications on the web I found ESET has timing and timer features that are great with applications categories. ESET Parental Control was working great for around 2 weeks so on saturday I decided to pay the License to get a full year kid protection. On Sunday my kid was playing after 8 PM when he should be at bed with no games available on his phone. For my surprise ESET PC is deactivated, like not setup !!! I came to the web to check if any alert from ESET, nothing, shows my kid is safe !!! Well somehow, the ESET PC application was deactivated without any alert, nothing. So I need your support asap as I have serious problems with kid play times etc. Please your support and or suggestions are required as soon as possible. Thanks BR Victor I attach pictures for your review.
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