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  1. FYI - I did talk to ESET support, and this plug-in is no longer supported. They are going to work with us to find another way to sync data to AT.
  2. I guess the first question should be is this plug-in still supported? It seems to work (aside from the .NET crashes), but it is not transferring any asset information when the asset is sent to AT from SMC (ERA7.0x). I would like it to transfer the machine name at the very least. I am not trying to make it do any of the fancy stuff like create tickets from dynamic groups. For now I am looking for just asset syncing, so I can compare contracts vs endpoints, and know which computer is covered under which service level. The limited info I can find on the plug-in seem very dated (CentraStage demo). Is anyone successfully utilizing the AutoTask plug-in? If so what data are you able to sync?
  3. I prefer the "Move to Group" option in the context menu. Keeps you from having to go into the details screen. Does that not work? Or just want more options? I can see the use for it there too
  4. I used Bat to EXE Convertor to make the EMSC.bat an EXE file for easy download/installation (Worked great in 6.x) When I download it to a client PC Windows Defender says it is a threat. Snippet below. It is much harder automated (or get some users to do) the extraction and execution of the bat file, so a EXE is preferred. Thanks for any input.
  5. @MichalJ Thanks, I guess I will stick with my current solution; High level Static Groups for "On Services" and "Remove Services" and DGs only under those high level groups. Seems to be working for me, just need to drill down through more groups.
  6. Hello and thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. Description: Add Groups filter to Dynamic Group Template - Expression Detail: It would be nice to be able to include/exclude specific groups from an expression like you can a "Computer". I have a Static Group "Remove Services" which has cascading dynamic groups to uninstall certain software and then remove the ERA agent when a client leaves our service or a machine is replaced. Another Dynamic Group is setup to install and update one of those same software packages on all Windows devices. It creates a loop of uninstalling and reinstalling the software.
  7. Thanks I tried but access denied, both service.msc and sc config. No worries I understand the limitation and can live without. Thanks for the help. I know it's off topicish.
  8. I was wrong this product is freeware and can be used after 30 days. If your looking for a way to deploy files to a remote machine, so you can execute them from ERA, this has proven to be a great solution. So far I have built and deployed 15+ .msi files as my needs have expanded. Each time the new msi uninstalls the old version and updates to the new, and can be automated using ERA dynamic groups (detecting version number). Highly recommended.
  9. Thank you for the response that makes much more since now. I used the program you posted or testing (big help). I have downloaded a couple programs to try to "runas" another user, but it looks like they are all limited to the restrictions of the "System" account. (I used NIRCMD and CPAU, both great but failed under "system" testing) Do you have a link to how to change the account the agent is running under? Would there be any way to script that during the installation.reinstall process?
  10. So this seems to be a permissions issue. I edited the file "taskname.cmd" to add a line that runs ipconfig.exe and outputs to a .txt file just before running the schtaks.exe command which also outputs to a txt file. Ipconfig.exe runs and outputs correctly, but I get no result on the other command. I can replicate this by executing the file in a NON-elevated command window. If executed from an elevated command window it works and both .txt file have output. So my question, shouldn't all jobs executed by the agent using "Run Command" run with admin privileges? If not how do you give it admin rights? Any help is appreciated.
  11. When I had to move my server it would not come up due to a "authentication error" I found in some log file. I ended up changing the password of era_user in the MS SQL manager (Security/Logins) to be what I found in the startupconfig.ini file. After a restart of the service it connected. Hope it helps!
  12. This might be over and above ERA's main function, but figured I would ask the community at large. I am trying the scheduled I task to wake the machine up at 2AM and check-in with the ERA server. I tried using; schtasks.exe /create /tn taskname /xml c:\TechMedX\taskname.xml /f When that command is executed on the computer (from elevated cmd) it imports all the setting in taskname.xml into a new task and schedules it, however when I deploy it via ERA i does nothing. I have also created a taskname.cmd file in placed it locally on the computer, with that single command in the file. When I run tskname.cmd with admin rights on the local machine the task is scheduled, when I tell ERA to execute taskname.cmd it does nothing. Any thoughts as to why this command won't work with ERA? Obviously I am looking to script this for deployment to over 300+ machines and not schedule each tasks locally. Thanks for any and all input!
  13. Did the trick! Client machine rebooted, and icons are fully functional. Thanks!
  14. I have tried to deploy 6.6.2064 on a few Windows 10 computer and I am getting the same situation on all. 1. Computers do not reboot even with the option checked. (show in ERA as needing reboot, red ! on PC) 2. After rebooting click the tray icon or start menu icon do nothing. If I open C:\Pro....\Eset..\esetgui.exe (run as admin) it opens and then works, until reboot. I have also found that if I uninstall ESET via ERA and then install 6.6.2064 it works fine and does not require a restart. It seems odd that the built in "upgrade" by installing the latest build does not uninstall/reinstall the same as two separate jobs. Anyone else seeing this behavior or had a successfully upgrade?
  15. Did you give time for the rule to propagate or refresh the window? I made the same rule to fix the upgrade to 6.6.2064 and it seems to be working for me.
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