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  1. I experienced a LiveGrid issue on November 27 - today - at approximately 4:30 PM GMT-5 and it lasted for approximately 10 minutes. No other connection issues as I was multi-tasking and everything requires internet access and I definitely would have noticed a dropped connection, outage, etc. So, there was an issue earlier on the 27th. Should it be fully resolved already?
  2. Fair enough about not seeing the notification prior to v10.1. I've been using ESET products since prior to v5. Nonetheless, the v10.1 release was somewhere around April 2017 giving us approximately 6 months between then and now. I've never seen the notification concerning loss of accessibility to the LiveGrid servers so when it suddenly happened it definitely caught my attention. Upon visiting the forums I found that I wasn't alone in having an issue. I did see that something was being done to rectify the situation in another post and as of Sunday afternoon I haven't experienced the issue again... thus far. Thank you for passing along the concerns.
  3. Issues here, as well. Been bouncing back and forth with LiveGrid being accessible and then not for the last 4 hours.
  4. I've been experiencing this issue intermittently for the last 4 hours. I've been using ESS/EIS for years and never experienced this before. Connection to the internet is without issue and functioning perfectly. EIS is having a problem and only EIS.
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