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  1. Hi, I have a malware file that eset engine detects it as virut virus, but when the engine deletes it, name of that virus changes to autorun worm!! Can eset moderators interpret this?
  2. Hi, although after updating ess db, advanced memory cleaner cannot clean the infected os with the new named trojan too:
  3. Hi, I made an advanced memory test to see if it is efficient or not .. I launcehed a trojan while all eset module are disabled, then I enabled these modules and found that advanced memory scanner cannot clean the trojan (a variant of ..), also startup scanner cannot do the job. I updated the security program, and whereupon startup scanner now can clean the same trojan after it has a new name (after db has been updated): So, why advanced memory and startup scanners could't clean the trojan before updating the database in spite of the two scanners had detected it?
  4. I can't determine the file that is responsible of this issue , and it is perhaps lsass file because its posture is the second after firefox.exe in memory column:
  5. Hello, it's better for searching and browsing malware names that the type of malware is to be available in 'ESET signature database' page, for example: Win32/Dorkbot.B "This is the the available information of update info in the current update info page". Win32/Dorkbot.B worm "The preffered formula of that information".
  6. Hi, these are mini-bugs that I found in ESS v. 7.0.302.26, hoping that will be fixed .. 1- When the mouse pointer moves from eset desktop notification to taskbar directly, it stays opaque and doesn't return to transparent situation: hxxp://www.gulfup.com/?sKFpax 2- When scanning autoit files 'and perhaps NSIS archives', number of infected files is not compatible with number of cleaned files!: 3- In the previous example, we can see the abnormal multiple logged item for the same scanned object! 'This problem can be found in archived objects only' 4- Bug in brow
  7. I have this problem too only with FF v.24, and these sites opens normally with IE.
  8. Hi Marcos, the autoit malware has three clean files an only one malicious file: So, can you now explain why eset claims that it had cleaned two files?
  9. Hi, sometimes 'and with some files', I found a discrepancy between 'infected objects' number and 'cleaned object' number at the end of cleaning that file: I have uploaded the two files and PMed Marcos with their link to reproduce this problem.
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