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  1. Hi, Banking websites work fine with banking protection but whenever certain functionality within the website uses a Html Modal dialog box, there is a problem. In some cases, the box is doesn't appear at all but works fine when banking protection is off.In other cases. the box appears but buttons on them don't work. I can share some screenshots but will require time to edit sensitive data but has this been tested? If Banking protection is off, with the same MS Edge browser, everything works fine. Latest version: EIS
  2. Thanks, I had sent you a personal message this time too, like last time it was related to major Version 14 upgrade. Few days ago when Eset updated , the proper reboots or uninstall/reinstall etc doesnt work so I raised ticket but its a bit of pain if this is going to happen frequently.
  3. Hi, I have had the same issue. It appeared in two previous Major release versions when 13 and 14 came along. Now in 15. All on Windows 10 (Pro) with the latest updated version at the time, Previous fix was a patched version of Edevmon file( probably the driver ). Logs have been sent.
  4. I also faced same issue after the recent update to Im using windows 10 & ESET upgrade versions for many years now. I submitted logs/dump and raised the ticket. The reply i got was to uninstall and re-install ESET Internet Security. I've have uninstalled twice and the issue still persists. I've even restarted numerous times. After informing the official support of the above, its been a week and no reply yet.
  5. Hi, I'm using Currently, I'm using the MS Edge Chromium browser Version 80.0.361.66 (Official build) (64-bit) Win10 Normal usage activity shows up, but one tab has Google Drive open with a large file uploading. Network / Byte usage shows up in the task manager(Windows) but nothing is logged or displayed in the Eset > Network connections Tool. You can see Up/Down is 0 Bytes/s and the Data sent is not increasing either. The 193MB is just from other browsing. The file would've been close to 1GB. I repeated it a few times and it still the same.
  6. Thanks @itman for the response. As I mentioned, it isn't a slow internet connection. Just as an example Windows Updates were going at close to 30Mbps. Very often the download speed specifically to Eset servers is throttled. I don't know if they have acknowledged this before. Sometimes there are periods where it is faster but its still not consistent. I found out when the first set of 2-3 machines where installing it. After that i'm using the offline installer. However, the module/virus signatures updates post install were also around 120MB. It started downloading at 1MB/minute and gradually improved. it still took 45min to complete the entire update. same scenario today, since there are many more machines i'm going back to my work but the speeds were still similar. Have a good day.
  7. Hello, in the last few days I am migrating a couple of my systems and reinstalling Eset Internet security. The installer of 5MB takes 5min to download. The download during installation process is equally painful. In the past, I have noticed that even module updates take more time than usual. I've got a very stable and high speed internet. Kindly look into this.
  8. My first post was just the crust of the matter, from what I have quoted you, I'd agree that the details of the tests and how they're conducted etc should be looked at which i'll definitely do. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I've been using ESET for almost 9 yrs now and I personally have never had any problems. I cant even remember but I've probably upgraded sequentially from version 3 and currently run ESET SS 10. Infact I've never really had to raise any support or even come to the forum for any support. Just wanted some opinions because over the last 2-3 yrs I've seen a lot of Reviews of various Magazines/IT forums/Online Tech sites etc consistently lower ESET ranking to the point that some1 like fatsecurity.com rank it 19. Of course, we wouldn't expect everyone on the internet to have the same opinion but if you look at Kaspersky, its always there in top 3 on all sites. Price wise, ESET was always higher and I didn't mind that but is there anyone who can explain why its rank is just tanking. Mostly, I've felt it was always light-weight, resource efficient but reviews are now rating others as far better, can all of that be true ?
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