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  1. I did send you a private message that contains the ESET Logs generated by ESET's log collector.
  2. I'll Just send you In a private message.
  3. Nope - https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e17685417ff4d982d9fd1ddbbcb2f4aadb3c6e8b4865ecbf786113feb8d96c1d/detection
  4. Well, after booting up my computer. I can see that attrib.exe still running after boot BUT It doesn't take any CPU usage because It's blocked by ESET and after looking at my HIPS logs I can see I have so many HIPS logs like 110K Logs It's crazy so I looked at the recent one and It saying this - Time, application, action, target, action, rule, and more 10/01/2018 10: 58: 28; C: \ Windows \ System32 \ csrss.exe; Access another application; C: \ Program Files \ ESET \ ESET Security \ egui.exe; Ekrn and egui processes; termination / termination of another application Th
  5. Did It, now I can see ESET Icon thanks but almost every boot up It dissapers. I will look at the HIPS logs after I restart my PC and then update you with the Info.
  6. Okay, I've done everything you've told me. Really thanks for the help! For now It does not run In the background but that Is before I restarted my computer So, when I do that I will update you If I see something In the HIPS logs. I Just don't know how to check the HIPS logs because I still have the problem of ESET does not show up In the system tray.
  7. Yes, I have done that already and for some reason no other vendors detected It. I don't know what to do now
  8. I did the steps you have told me. Nothing helps as after I boot up my PC attribuite utillty Is on again.
  9. Thank you for your help! I will update you If eset's scan finds something and If not I will do as you requested.
  10. Yes, Eset's PUA detection Is enabled and I'm currently running a full ESET scan In admin mode. I'm hoping for this to be removed
  11. Hello! I'm a guy that my systems who are running ESET products are mostly generaly clean. But, I suspect that on my main machine which I do gaming etc I got an bitcoin miner little virus That everytime I open boot up my computer It's running and taking ALL the CPU usage. By the proccss called "Attribuite Utillty" I know where the file Is at and I cannot delete It. I've tried to perform a full scan with EIS 11 couple of times. But It doesn't manage to detect any threats Please from anyone who can help me solve this problem, It will mean alot to me! T
  12. Nevermind, I followed this KB article - https://support.eset.com/kb532/ and I did the soultions + restarted my machine and now I can see ESET In the system tray. I hope It stays like that
  13. Hello, I'm having a little Issue with EIS 11. It has never happend to me before As, you can see In the picture below I cannot see ESET open there Sometimes I can see It and sometimes not. But when I click on ESET Icon on my desktop It opens perfectly.
  14. tbh I totally agree with you! Also, don't forgot It's very popular In Israel aswell That's one of the things I very like about ESET Is that I have full support In my country lanaguge and have a full site of ESET In my lanaguge.
  15. Thank you and happy new year!
  16. Yes, you are right Just wanted to tell to the trollers who are trolling In this behavior that If they don't like ESET they can move on simple as that.
  17. Hello, guys It's me again You probarly remember me from my topic of - "Are you happy with ESET?" Well, now I have another question to ask everyone here. For how long time you use ESET? It can be days/months/years I use It for a bit over a year now. Would like to hear you guys out!
  18. Hello, Dear users of ESET, I would like to discuss about a topic that Is a bit annoying atleast for me. I see some pepole In this forum recenlty that are often complain about ESET protection and they compare It to other security vendors. Then, marcos himself needs to quote them and explain them why ESET Is so great and good compare to other security products. If you don't like ESET In any way Don't use It! Because I think everyone wants this forum to stay friendly and helpfull and not that new users will come and see that almost every second topic Is titled about
  19. Haha, I love all the "YES" Answers. #ESETForever
  20. I do agree with you. But I'll also add that I think that Kaspersky Is slowly losing It's overall trust companys and home users might choose not to use kaspersky anymore. I think government agencies chose to run this software as It's Just seemed good to them I guess? But I think they did know how the software works but they Just didn't really know Kaspersky too much.
  21. Hi! So, this question came on my head Is that If you guys Happy with ESET both as an AV and as a company. Do you trust It? Do you trust the company ESET? As, when you are using Anti-virus whenever It's on your PC or your phone. You are giving the AV kind of full control on your device. Like that thing happend to Kaspersky after this I would not trust them. But now I fully trust and happy with ESET! What's about you guys?
  22. I don't mind helping you on PM.
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