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  1. Thanks Marcos. I just found it on Feedly's RSS search as well.
  2. I don't suppose there's an RSS feed for these announcements?
  3. Thanks Marcos. I don't seem to get any sort of news update from ESET via email. Is there a place where I can get news updates that these product changes have taken place? Thanks.
  4. Hi folks, As per subject, has ESET PROTECT replaced ESMC? I noticed a pending update in ESMC and saw this was listed as a product to update to. (If it has replaced ESMC, where can I get news/information that these changes are taking place?!) Thanks
  5. Hi folks, I've got a few machines that were joined to the domain and then ESET was installed, but subsequently their computer names have been changed. They are still showing in ESMC with the old name. How do I get ESET to update this? Thanks
  6. Thanks. Where do I find the "deactivate seats" setting? Can't spot it in server settings.
  7. I've double checked and no PCs are muted. The offset always seems to be two, as the number of PCs with alerts has increased to 5, but EMSC now shows "7" on the left. I'll log a support ticket.
  8. Yes, subgroups is ticked, and no filters are set.
  9. Thanks. Yes, definitely deactivating as well. I had to reboot the server for Windows Updates, and subsequent to that the numbers have updated. What's odd though is that the number of computers listed is around 10 less than the number of licenses used. Should these not be equal, or the number of licenses lower if some PCs are not managed?
  10. Hi folks, Our license usage in ESMC is showing as slightly over, so I have done some tidying up and removed some ex-PCs (ensured no policy was applying, used "Stop Managing", and "Remove Device"). I have verified they are no longer in the Computers listing. Our license count is still exactly the same though. Does it takes some minutes/hours for the license count to catch up? Thanks
  11. So the dashboard also shows 6 as "security risks". if I click the panel it takes me to the computer list for machines with "Alert" status which is back to 4 machines again. Any ideas?
  12. Yes, from Feb and Jan. The filter had been set to a time range, so I've removed that and see threats going back for many months. These are all previous though and have been resolved. I suspect there must have been a filter on the group to hide resolved threats, which I may have removed. If I add back a "threat resolved" filter then the "Computers with active threats" group is now empty.
  13. Thanks. So a mix of things, mostly unsafe applications e.g. Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Google.D, but in some of these cases at least the threat has been "cleaned by deletion" and everything in this list is marked as resolved. I'm not sure why all these items are still showing in "active threats".
  14. I had a look at all the machines with threats, and they were all false positives due to what it thought were problem applications in a driver install package. So I've marked them as resolved. I've gone back to the "Computers with active threats" group and looked through all the machines via their details. Not sure what you mean by "Cause column in the Threat panel", how do I get to that? All I can see in details, under Threats and Quarantine, is that some but not all PCs have a quarantined item. None of them have active alerts. Is the quarantined item classified as an active threat?
  15. For example the number in the main menu is still "6" - same as it was yesterday - yet still only 4 computers show with alerts. Am I right in thinking that this number *is* for computers with alerts? Just in case I'm comparing it with the wrong thing.
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