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  1. I believe it start. Two computer auto update. But look for restart
  2. Hello, it is possible in ESMC (I used last version) to merge info of two PC? In one PC I have old 6.5 product version of ESET Endpoint Security and Agent. So I use ESETuninstaller and then install new, last version, product: ESET Endpoint Security and Agent. But now I have in ESMC this PC twice. One with old info and new present one. Is it possible to clone this info. Just to not clean old one and lost what happens with this PC in past
  3. Thanks for replay. In Webapps folder was two folder era.bak and era.new. Last one I rename in era and now all work
  4. Hello, I start ESET Security Management Center upgrade to last 7.0.577.0 version, from previous 7.0 version. Something go wrong. I receive on ESET Security Management Center info about upgrade and start it. Made all backup and then update. Receive new windows and again click update. After this I close for mistake browser. But see that update go. Both folder agent and server is update. After some time try to open console but receive error. See that Tomcat not start again so start it. After this receive blank page in firefox and in Internet explorer (server is windows server 2008) give me error 404. Then I made also server restart, but again blank page. Looking in program list I see ESCM version 7.0.577.0 is installed What I can do now?
  5. LegacyConnectorSupport, do you mean this file? C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\software-install.log Or something else? Btw this happens on formatted PC with fresh install Windows 10 Pro. It have on it ESET Endpoint, ESET Agent and few applications. Interesting that I have this problem with one more PC. Old one with WinXP from where I receive email about: Potentially unwanted application Win32/IObit.L was detected on computer pola16 So ESET detect application but not listed it
  6. Hello, in ESCM I manage more of 70 PC. Today I face problem what not see before. After formated un PC I deploy last version of agent and Eset Endpoint Security. All go without problem like for other PC. In ESCM I see all info about this PC, but under Installed Application I see only ESET product. Not all other like for all other PC. What's the problem? What can blocked it? Btw I had deploy to all PC the same Agent, last version 7.0.553.0
  7. Hello, I found very userful installed application list in ERA. Great way to have also software inventory. In last time I found few that for some reason is not listed but present on single PC looking list of installed software. Few example: Dropbox, Brave software, Vivaldi software. How this and maybe other application is not listed in ERA?
  8. Hello, it is great to have in ERA also info about all software installed in network. I use ERa 6.5.522 But it is possible to made alert with notification, if someone install some software of my "blacklist"?
  9. Hello Everyone!I have found some information on Eset and Spiceworks here in Community but none of the solutions seemed to have worked, but also are old post. I try on Eset firewall dynamic and learning mode but I am worry that this add to many open port and look to add it manually to be complete sureDoes anyone have any idea on what I should set in the Firewall to allow Spiceworks to scan the machines.I am using Eset Endpoint Security 6.2 on Windows 7 and 10.Thanks,
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