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  1. Seems that the Anti-Theft website is fixed, I was able to configure and optimize the anti-theft from the web and it works. Eset IS shows fully protected and no error messages. Thanks for all the help.
  2. I have a 3 user licence and have set up the Anti-Theft on 3 computers. I was having issues with Outlook and wasn't sure if Eset was the problem so I uninstalled and did some testing with Outlook. Problem with Outlook persisted so I re-installed Eset IS but when going to the website to setup Anti-Theft, when I click on this specific computer name, the initial status page is fine and shows the 5 stars but if I click on Activity, Optimizations, Messages or Settings, I get a message: Sorry for the inconvenience, there was an error processing your request.Back to main page... Now I'm getting a message in Eset about Anti-Theft optimization warning. The other 2 computers that I have get the same error message on the website when I click on Optimization but are fine when clicking on Settings or Messages. Is this the right place for support or do I need to contact Eset support directly? Thanks
  3. Hello, I am having similar issues except that my Edge browser opens and a few seconds later in closes. I have collected the logs as Marcos has posted, where do I send the logs? Windows 2004 Eset IS Edge Chrome 86 Thanks
  4. That would be an excellent solution, like this anyone can browse with their favorite browser but when visiting the banking or payment website that is set in the options, the supported browser for BPP will open.
  5. I am trialing Eset Internet Security again and really wanted to use it but this browser thing keeps making me take it off every year just before my current subscription is up from another product, just to see if Eset has changed anything, and of course like every year they haven't. Why put, at install, a shortcut for Banking and Payment Protection on the desktop and not an option to select which browser to use? At least with this in place, I can use whatever I want for general browsing Chrome, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi etc and when I need to go to a banking site or make a payment, I can select the option on the desktop, and proceed with the banking and payment protection. As it is now, I need to go to the option in Windows, select chrome or firefox as a default browser and then get the protection to the website. Really annoying, another year, another 10 days of testing of Eset and going back to what I was using before. Hope Eset really makes this change one day.
  6. Thanks itman, just what I thought , it's a one or the other type issue. I will continue to trial Eset Internet Security and decide in a couple of weeks if it stays. For the most part, it is light on my system and from what I've read, the protection is top notch.
  7. I did verify the browser's add-ons and I do not think I have any that are encrypting keystrokes, HTTPS Everywhere, LastPass, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, Xmarks Bookmark Sync and the ones that come with installing Google Drive. I did try white-listing the process C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\eOPPFram.exe but still a no-go for any browser. I disabled every option in the Risk Reduction and Exploit Mitigation section of Hitman Pro Alert and still does not work, neither after reboot or after a shutdown. The only way I was able to get it to work for Firefox and Internet Explorer is to completely uninstall Hitman Pro Alert.
  8. Hi, thanks for the help. I had seen that support page and did what was described, although I did uninstall Malwarebytes, VoodooShield and Hitman Pro Alert, and rebooted. This time I rebooted twice and did a search of the registry and deleted some keys that remained from the mentioned programs, don't know if the rebooting twice or registry deleting that did the trick, but I was able to get it to work with Internet Explorer and Firefox (Chrome was a no-go). Unfortunately, Hitman Pro Alert is a must have on my systems as I have paid for it and really trust it. I will trial the rest of Eset Internet Security and if all is fine, I may stay with it and purchase a licence. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi Marcos, I activated the pre-release updates, downloaded the updates, rebooted and went to to the website in Firefox and Chrome and just got to the main page of the bank. No secured browser warning or anything, only in Internet Explorer does it ask to switch to secured browser but then fails.
  10. Hello, I am in the process of looking for a new security product and decided to revisit Eset Internet Security. I installed the trial version and most components seem to be working well, but the one component that made me decide to use Eset vs the others is the Banking and Payment Protection module. After installing the trial, rebooting, updating and letting it do the initial scan, I wanted to try the Banking and Payment mode. When clicking on the Banking and Payment Protection icon on the main interface, the cursor shows the hourglass and then nothing. No windows or browsers open. I then added my banks website https://www.desjardins.com/ca/ to the protected websites as secured browser, and nothing happens in Chrome, Firefox, Edge when visiting the website. In Internet Explorer, I get the message "Opening secured browser" and then after a minute or so I get an error "Protected Browser could not be started. Associated error code: 0x847695d2", and asks if I want to continue unsecured. Windows 10 Creators Update (x64) Chrome v59 (x64) Firefox v54.01 (x64) Other security applications that are installed are: Hitman Pro Alert 3.7 CT4 VoodooShield 3.59 Malwarebytes 3.1 (On demand only) Note that I did uninstall the other security applications, rebooted and retried before posting, but I am now at a loss. Thanks
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