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  1. Yes, it works perfectly if I do this. It just won't open automatically. Previously, BPP seemed very finicky about the URL; if it didn't match perfectly, the browser would not open automatically. But on my desktop computer, that behavior stopped some time ago, and no it just has to have the same domain name. So I was hopeful that would be the case on this laptop, too. But it won't open any sites automatically.
  2. Yes, my Edge version is 85.0.564.63. No IB websites will open the secured browser, even though I have more than a dozen in the list. I have a 3-machine license, and this laptop is the only one experiencing this problem. My desktop, which is using identical software versions, had no problem with the switch - IB just worked. Same with my other laptop - identical software versions and no issues. Only this one. All Windows updates have been applied. Are there logs or something I can look at to see what might be going on?
  3. Windows 10 Pro 2004 edition. With the arrival of Edge chromium, I decided to switch my default browser from Firefox to Edge. However, Banking and Internet security no longer opens for my sensitive websites. At first it would attempt to open, and I would get a blank browser window with no content. But now it doesn't even try to open. I have tried removing and manually re-adding all of my sites - no joy. License ID: XXX-XXX-XXX Username: EAV-XXXXXXXXXX Computer name: XXX Seat name: XXX Product name: ESET Internet Security Product version: Operating system: Windows 10
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