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  1. send us the log of your eset; maybe you can only add this software to the exceptions both on real time protection and on on-demand scan and on the other protection options
  2. yeah but also outdated virus and PUA were removed differently from normal cleaning
  3. I have never defined you as a noob; now you guys are talking about problem on windows 10 and also one of my friends had this and he resolved installing windows 8 (also because he didn't like win 10) so I am thinking: maybe is the "new" (new because it has cloud protection and other improvements contrary from windows 8 and 7) windows defender of windows 10 the problem? I am thinking about this because if eset is the first program the issue must be made by a preinstalled official windows program so maybe windows defender or maybe windows firewall but I don't know; obiouvsly it could be also a problem of the AV and maybe it's true but both on my win 10 and on my win 8, Eset Nod32 Antivirus works perfectly so I have excluded this option first.
  4. Yeah, if you want Strict Cleaning mode on the scan you must set up this option on On-Demand scanning; if you set it up only on real time protection the cleaning is standard for On-demand scan. These threats as Marcos told you are very old so very innocuus and because of this Eset don't remove these owing to their outdated architecture and mode of action so they make little damages. If it doesn't work this method of set "Strict Cleaning" also on On-Demand Scanning tell me and I will give you other advices. P.S. after setting "Strict Cleaning" on the on-demand configuration start a Computer scan to remove this threats properly
  5. you must remember that yes the antivirus can be exploited but also the sandbox can be bypassed
  6. wait man you have "strict cleaning" on real time protection or on "On-Demand" cleaning (alias cleaning you start to do pressing on "computer scan")? Because if you set strict cleaning only on Real time protection and not on On Demand Computer Scan when you start the scan of your pc the threats will be cleaned on normal mode; on the contrary if you set strict mode both on Real time file system protection and to On Demand Computer scan both if the threat is found by the real time protection and if the threat is found on the scan on demand it will be cleaned with "strict mode". Summarizing what I said: you must set strict mode (if you haven't done this) both on Real time file system protection and on On-Demand computer scan in the advanced configuration menu; if you set this tell us it so we can try different way to help you
  7. Do you use another antivirus apart from eset?
  8. sorry marcos I have just remembered now that is an holiday for you today. Sorry again and good holiday
  9. Hi, I have written some message to help people to resolve their problems about eset products but none of this messages was approved; why?
  10. maybe it's because when you started the pc it isn't connected to the internet and because eset run automatically at the start of O.S. then if you connect and you try to update clicking manually after internet connection the button "Update Now" it will work
  11. you must set on the advanced configuration menu the cleaning mode to high level because that trojans can't be removed with normal cleaning method
  12. this morning was happened the same thing to me it's necessary to update virus database of Eset manually pushing "Update now" and the CPU usage slow down
  13. Hi dragon how it blocks google drive? It won't charge the page or it doesn't allow to upload files?My eset works great with Google Drive; try updating eset itself and also eset virus database. If it don't work Maybe try changing the standard port from 80 to 443
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