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  1. Hi, The same 100% CPU is still happening. I did not notice that for a while, but now it's back. Processes: 375 total, 4 running, 371 sleeping, 2471 threads 11:02:28 Load Avg: 3.35, 3.56, 3.02 CPU usage: 14.69% user, 26.54% sys, 58.76% idle SharedLibs: 137M resident, 33M data, 43M linkedit. MemRegions: 111786 total, 2891M resident, 66M private, 958M shared. PhysMem: 8171M used (2221M wired), 18M unused. VM: 1034G vsize, 623M framework vsize, 11294138(128) swapins, 124
  2. Thank you for the fast response. I've installed the update, if the issue persists will let you know. Thanks again, really appreciate your promptness. George
  3. Hi, I've noticed several times, actually every day, for period of time, several minutes, esets_daemon taking my CPU for 100%. Happened I rather chose to kill the process. Here isa top -o cpu when it happened. Thank you for suggestion or fixing the issue. Processes: 336 total, 3 running, 333 sleeping, 2190 threads 11:15:58 Load Avg: 2.84, 3.11, 4.97 CPU usage: 2.66% user, 27.93% sys, 69.40% idle SharedLibs: 139M resident, 35M data, 16M linkedit. MemRegions: 108746 total,
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