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  1. Generally patch for 6.5 works, but we have some stations where patch was applied, but on ERA console station still is in alert 'product is installed but is not running' .


    certfix.exe output:

    FileVersion of this tool:
    Patch already applied

    but on era console:


  2. Hello
    First problem

    I have computers in network with names starting with rpc15 rnb15 rfs15 ris15 etc

    I want create dynamic group which will contain only computers with names starting with rpc15 and rnb15, how can i do that?  
    Normally I would create query on computer name to show everything starting with rpc15 OR rnb15 - but with eset product I can't do that!!!!

    Secondary problem

    I have created dymanic group with query
    operator AND
    Device identifier, Identifier type   Equal         Computer name
    Device identifier, Identifier value  has mask    r??15*

    and after 24 hours nothing appeared in that group - waht is wrong?

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