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  1. Generally patch for 6.5 works, but we have some stations where patch was applied, but on ERA console station still is in alert 'product is installed but is not running' . certfix.exe output: FileVersion of this tool: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch already applied but on era console:
  2. I have downloaded fix from site https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue and executed by psexec on station with eset 6.5.2094.1 with success. On ERA console station looks normally (no alerts). But when I try to upgrade to 7.2 by assigning task, task fails.
  3. This must be a secret version of fix, not mentioned on website with alert information nor in this thread.
  4. We are still waiting for solution for affected (restarted and not working) 6.5 stations. Setting time to past and manually re-install is not a solution for us, also CertFix1 is not working with our verion.
  5. @mcrouse On ERA console, If You try to upgrade affected station, You will see info "Product is installed but not running", after restart there will be again „Anti-phishing protection non-fonctional”.
  6. Please provide automatic fix for version 6.5. We have over 100 pc affected. If You are serious company and want to hold customers, You have to provide fix for BUG in Your's product. Setting system date to past and manually uninstall and install is NOT acceptable solution.
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