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  1. Hi everyone, I tried to install "eset_sysrescue_live_creator_enu". 1) When I try to burn it on CD a message pops up telling me to insert an empty CD (although one is in the drive). Only "Cancel" works and that ends it. 2) When I try to burn it on a USB-stick (32 GB, freshly formatted) the process starts, the data are downloaded - and then the installation ends with the message: "ESET SysRescue failed to create". Only "Close" is left and that ends it. What do I have to do, to use "SysRescue"? Thanks in advance Alf
  2. Hi everybody, since Windows 10 has installed the "Creators Update" I get the "security warning" from ESET that my "Media control is not functioning" (rough translation from the German text). As a remedy the message says: "Start your computer anew as soon as possible"; I don't know how often I've startet my PC in the meantime: The message still keeps appearing. What can I do? Thanks very much in advance Alf
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