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  1. From painful memory I can confirm, that exactly this problem occured when I "Secured all browsers". All my texts were scrambled. So I switched it off as soon as I recognized the cause. But now (!) - with "Keyboard protection" disabled - the keyboard seems to work fine. So, either I let all browsers in the secured mode or I abstain from "Banking & Payment protection". To call that for certain windows is still not possible. Thanks again for your help! Alf P.S.: What have I lost with "Keyboard protection" disabled? Do I live dangerously now?
  2. "Only ESET staff has access to attachments." When you say this, I believe you ;•) So here it comes. Will I get an answer here then? Or by email? Thank you for helping me so far Alf eis_logs.zip
  3. O.K., understood. And now? I have a zip-file on my PC, named "eis_logs.zip", what do I do with it?
  4. What's a "standard browser"? Usually I use Firefox (117.0 (64-Bit)), but I have Chrome, Opera and Edge on my machine. I've started it and it's collecting. What next?
  5. Hello, Marcos, Thank you for the correct translation. As I'm using the German version, I was only able to deliver a very rough translation ... And yes, I'm trying to use "ESET Banking & Payment protection". When it was still possible, I had Problem no. 1. But for some days I'm having problem no. 2. 8•( Hth Alf
  6. Hi folks, There are two problems I have (all under Windows 10): - When I'm in the "Safe mode for banking and paying" some of the characters I type are wrong; example: "I write a commentar^, and tha´s the result. Maybe you ca^see, what I´mean?" This is most disturbing, especially when I have to type a password, where I only see the dots /stars. Anyone a hint? - For some days the "Safe mode for banking and paying" doesn't show up any more. It's switched on an I have all my money related pages registered as "Protected Websites". But when accessing these sites they open in a normal browser window, not safe, not secure, just plain window. Anyone a hint? Thank you all very much in advance Alf
  7. Hi everyone, I tried to install "eset_sysrescue_live_creator_enu". 1) When I try to burn it on CD a message pops up telling me to insert an empty CD (although one is in the drive). Only "Cancel" works and that ends it. 2) When I try to burn it on a USB-stick (32 GB, freshly formatted) the process starts, the data are downloaded - and then the installation ends with the message: "ESET SysRescue failed to create". Only "Close" is left and that ends it. What do I have to do, to use "SysRescue"? Thanks in advance Alf
  8. Hi everybody, since Windows 10 has installed the "Creators Update" I get the "security warning" from ESET that my "Media control is not functioning" (rough translation from the German text). As a remedy the message says: "Start your computer anew as soon as possible"; I don't know how often I've startet my PC in the meantime: The message still keeps appearing. What can I do? Thanks very much in advance Alf
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