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  1. I noticed the new version is in the download section. When should it be available in the SMC repository?
  2. Just got an email from ESET support. At least now they appear to be aware of the situation.
  3. I'm also confused like cmit. It appears at least that your support team isn't even aware of this problem. This thread is the most current info i have, even though I have a support ticket in about this exact issue.
  4. I guess my problem is I can't seem to get a configuration change pushed out to a client. The tasks show as complete, but they never take effect. I must be doing something wrong.
  5. Thanks for your response. I've been to that article, I'm interested in what it calls "method II*, but it doesn't show any instructions for it. I did follow the link on that page that showed the steps for version 4.x, but it seemed to have no effect. Are there step-by-step instructions do move a single client to a new primary server for version 5.x or are the instructions for version 4.x supposed to work?
  6. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this: I have 1 main remote admin server with 2 child servers in 2 other locations. I have a computer in one location that uses the primary server there that I need to move to the other location. I simply want it to start reporting to that other location's primary server. Is there a simple way to do this? We're not talking about an 'old server' and a 'new server', both servers are still active. I simply want to tell a single client to start reporting to a new primary server located in a new physical location (actually in another state). ESET remote admin 5.x
  7. We have endpoint antivirus on multiple computers using the remote administrator. Quite a few users (all XP boxes) are complaining that multiple times per day, at approximately the same time, their computers slow to a crawl for a period of time while the eset icon in their tray shows a scan happening. I don't have any scans scheduled during the day. Can anybody help find out what is happening?
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