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  1. Firewall module 1349.2 (13.03.2017): Fixed! Network connection are shown again! Please, release this in standard updates.
  2. Just switched... Updated to fw module v.1349.1 (02.02.2017), this don't fix yet...
  3. Hi! I would like to say the same, v9 & v10 looks terribly, I dont like win10 or phone disgusting graphic too! And will stick with v8 as long as possible... What is really terrible, main window cannot be resizable, cant to be maximalized! If You are seriously looking to Network Connection, with IP adresses translated, the columns are too thin! Need main window to be resizable! Some windows dont remember that I want them maximalized, and dont remember the width of columns! (Especially window of firewal rules, protocols...). And IF accidentally remembers this, after PC restart always forget... Only one thing, what is better, is SysTray icon righ-click shortcuts. Instead of useless Activation of program, there is Update, much better... But, I would like put there also Network Connection link! As v4 has! But now, if anyone looking for the solution of Upgrade screen, please take look here! : Because my solution is "Inappropriate Content" here, if someone wants to try it, please send me PM (private message) ! BR!
  4. Hi! I am very glad to hear this! Meantime, is there some proper way to keep older, unaffected firewall module? "WorkAround" founded by me is really not - good : I disabled updates, then uncheck "Self Defence" in HIPS, restart PC, and manualy replace files "em008_64.dat + em008_32.dat" by backup files somewhere from December. After next restart, this works "well" , but I cannot run updates... THANK YOU!!
  5. Hi! On february 13, after update, Eset Smart Security v.8 stops to show network connections!! (Main Window -> Tools -> Network Connections). The window is EMPTY now!! Before that date it was always OK! I tryed uninstall + reinstall and: Right after installation of lastest downloaded v.8, with that old(2015) modules, all is good. But after update it, it stop to showing net connections immedialy!! I tryed also v.6 + v.7, result is the same!! Probably v.5 is affected too!! I am SURE, this is absolutely repeatable, reproducible BUG of newest net or firewall module! (Tested on Windows 7x64). Please, will be it repaired?? Its important! THANKS!
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