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  1. Hello After installing eset endpoint security v6.5 and remote administrator 6.5, all my browsers cant open, i cant access server via remote desktop. Client computers have become very slow. Any recommendations, solutions and policies i can apply as baseline.
  2. That is my problem, i think i will need to test it and see if it picks up. I wonder why it was not listed in the new documentation.
  3. Can ERA SERVER be used with microsoft msql server 2016?
  4. please sign me up for the beta. I am still on version 5.3 and will love to migrate to 6 using 6.5
  5. ok...how do i do that if i have 3 subnets. do i add all
  6. Eset Endpoint Security V5 tells me my webcontrol is filtering partially. My license is ok because my mirror update is working for my clients. I tried to create a configuration task to integrate webcontrol and filter ponographic sites but filtering is been done partially. I need solutions. Image is attached.
  7. When should we be expecting the deployment tool.?
  8. I am facing the same issues.. It was very easy with the version 5 console.. and i am going back to version 5
  9. Hello Everyone I am wondering how i will automatically set the network detection to allow sharing when the Endpoint Security is deployed on the client computer remotely. Because i been the administrator will not be behind the client computer locally, they cant choose an option because they don't have administrative credentials. How can i already do this in the editing of the package so the option to allow sharing is selected by default. Please help me guys.. I have attached a photo of what i am talking about and i hope the photo makes it clear. Eric
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