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  1. I've had also this issue, but I have fixes this by using the workaround posted by TomasP three posts above (deleting data.txt). Solved the issue for me. Maybe you could try this. Greetings
  2. Thank you for your reply. I could now log in to the Licence Administrator. Who has to approve the license? Xola
  3. After spending lot of time to read some KB's and Manuals, I have created a new account, and could log in. But my licence was not there. I could add it with "add licence by key", and it appears in the dashboard. But I could do nothing more. The status of the licence is "waiting for approval" (translated from german - maybe it's similar). Who has to approve the licence? Is this an automatic process? Xola
  4. After buying a new licence of ESET Small Business Security Pack I could not administrate my licences with the Licence Administrator. In the mail I've received after the purchase process, Eset told me, my password to log in to the Licence Administrator was sent to me in a separate E-Mail. Here's the text from the mail I've got: To sign into ESET License Administrator you will also need the password that we have sent you in a separate email. But I've never received an E-Mail with a password. Creating a new password seems not to be possible, I never get any further mails, also when trying to reset my password. What could I do to administrate the licence? Greetings, Xola
  5. I've got the same problem here, fixed by twice reboot of the machine. But now, the GUI won't come up any more... Regards, xola
  6. Works for me. Solved. Thank you for your help. Regards, xola
  7. Hi there, in my network I have a few clients (notebooks) which will be temporarily in "foreign" environments (in the network of our customers). In this environment they won't get any signature updates because they could not find the update server (which is in the home network, and not reachable). Access to the internet is granted. Is it possible to specify any alternate update servers for downloading the signature update files? If it is, how to do this? Thanks in advance. Regards, xola
  8. Ok, I see. Do you know the date when this will be released? Xola
  9. Yes, that's what I need. Question is where to enable the override mode, and how to specify the maximum time. Could you help me again? Xola
  10. Hi Michal, the users themselfes should never be able do do some exclusions. But the admin should be able to do this. In my case a password protection would be enough security for that. What you describe is exectly what I want: Enter the override mode by password and set back after the reason for this was fixed. But for me it semms that this won't be able with policies, because I could enter the override mode, but could not change the settings. So with the password I could only look at the settings, but could not change them because they are locked. Or is there a way to do this? xola
  11. Thank you for your answer. How can I create an exception? For better unterstanding I want to do the following: - Create a policy for default settings on all clients - Protect the settings on the clients by password - Allow to overwrite settings if I have the password Is it possible to do this with policies and exceptions? Regards, xola
  12. Same problem here. No Proxy active. Activation fails all time. Created two tickets, but no answer... xola
  13. Hi, I'm using ESET EPS 6.4.2014.2 and ERA (seems to be up to date). When I try to change the settings (managed via policy) on a client computer after typing the security password, I could change some of the settings in the advanced settings. But some of the settings are write protected and a light lock sign appears beside the switch. How could I change this settings on a specific client? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Regards, xola
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