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  1. Not want to hyack tis thread but i have seen this issue as well in our environment. Currently roling out v6.6.2046.1. I know that users are disabling the ESET outlook plugin due to extreme slowness so it could be related to that. ERA = English and client = dutch regards richard
  2. Why not use different ESET certifcates for each customer? it gives you some control.
  3. In addition to Marcos reply.. Better not to use the Everyone group but use the Authenticated group and give read permissions. Learned that one the hard way some years back
  4. confirming that this build is installing fine on windows 10 with creator update included. regards richard
  5. count me in for that FTP Link. I am under pressure to roll out those new images. regards richard
  6. May i ask about the progress on this one? Still need to rollout a fresh win10 image to 1000 (non domainjoined) laptops with ESET included. Beta software is not an option (since not supported)
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