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  1. Here are logs that I collected, please analyze and give me a solution. Thanks a lot. essp_logs.zip
  2. Hi Everyone, I just updated Eset Password Manager into latest version in 05/27/2019. When I log in the function still work by auto fill in the password for IBM Lotus Notes 10.0.1 However, It makes the Lotus Note Email crashed. First time I think the IBM Lotus Notes got a problem, I tried to re-install it; get support from Notes Help Desk but the Lotus Notes still crash in use. After I tried to remove Eset Smart Security Premium (The Eset Password Manager removed, as well). Then IBM Lotus Note work as normal. I also try to re-install Eset Smart Security Premium again with Eset Password Manager Enable. The IBM Lotus Note crash again. After Disable Eset Password Manager, Lotus Note work normally. Note: Before upgrade to Eset Password Manager latest version, the previous version works well with IBM Lotus Note without a problem. Please help me with a solution to resolve this problem.
  3. I already created the offline license file. Thank you for support.
  4. Hi All, I tried to create offline file in ELA and EBA, but progress was still loading. Please check and resolve this problem.
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