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  1. I already created the offline license file. Thank you for support.
  2. Hi All, I tried to create offline file in ELA and EBA, but progress was still loading. Please check and resolve this problem.
  3. As I have known, when I active License for Home in America, after I come back to my country, Eset notify to me that " the license invalid in your country, please contact with the support team". I don't know whether Eset for home same Eset for business in this case. Please clarify, I need exact information to confirm with my customer.
  4. Dear All, I have a question about license localizing. I have bought license Eset Endpoint and activated in Viet Nam. If my staff brings your laptop and go to Japan, whether the license is still valid or invalid? Thanks
  5. I know what you mean. But someone created a new email from Gmail - legitimate address, then they send bombing mail to email in my company. So does Eset have any solution to block type of email?
  6. Dear Eset Team. - Currently, We are using ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server, have installed in HUB/CAS server and EDGE server. During time using, as we can see, email spamming of Eset quite good with filter method by reputation and domain name, blocked spam resources. However, we tried using clean domain source such as Gmail and we sent spam email with numerous, but Eset not detected and blocked it. Process: we tried sent 3 times (attached picture) - section 1: 21h48 3/4/2019 50 emails bypassed - section 2: 22h03 3/4/2019 66 emails bypassed - section 3: 7h35 4/4/2019 175 emails bypassed Does Eset have the anti-spam mechanism in this case? If yes, how to configure it? Thanks and Regards. SerlockWright.
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