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  1. Hi Eset, I tried to activate the license key for Eset Mobile Secuirty. However, Eset respond with error: "Activation error 20515019" . What does this mean? Please help me about this problem. Thanks
  2. Dear Team, We are having a problem with connect to my.eset,com from app on mobile, we can't configure anti-thief from app. Error code: 20512000. Note: All our customers are currently experiencing this error, not just personally. Please check and fix it Thanks and Regards.
  3. Hi Eveyone, Currently, we have computer that using Eset Nod32 Antivirus 4 on Window xp. May I ask that I can use new license Nod32 with username and password to activate it ? I know the version is old and EOL so I can't upgrade it, Best regards. Serlock
  4. Hi All, Currently, I want to scan mailbox office 365 through Mailbox database scan. However, I had error when I set "Assign ApplicationImpersonation role to user" . I configured "Permission" and assigned Impersonal for user tin@lright.onmicrosoft.com. This is configure server on Mail security I can access to public folder, however, I cannot access to mailbox Office 365, Pleae help me to solve this case. Best Regards, Tin.
  5. Hi. Please let me know that Eset Endpoint Security support for Window Embedded ? If yes, which version does it support? We need deploy on ATM POS running window 7 embedded.Thanks
  6. The configuration of your repository is set "Autoselect", I didn't change anything about it.
  7. Hi I performed follow your guides, but it still not appear endpoint product. I sent some information about ESMC. Please help me about this case.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just updated Eset console on Linux from version 6.4 to version 7.0.471, then I tried to upgrade new product and not successful. When I create task software install - in mode select package, I can't see version endpoint product (attach picture). Please help me to resolve it. Thanks a lot.
  9. On endpoint client, Device Control logs release the same result with server ESMC, You can see the attached picture, although when I used filter user function in Report, I can filter it. May can I ask you have any way to don't release log about user NT Authority.
  10. Thanks for your support. But when I generate report, it duplicated events that happen. Please help me to resolve it. I will send attach picture to you.
  11. Dear All, I created policy block USB on ESMC, so I want to get the logs for which USB devices are plugged in and received or generate report about this policy. Can ESMC can perform it? Please help me about this. Thanks all. SerlockWight.
  12. Here are logs that I collected, please analyze and give me a solution. Thanks a lot. essp_logs.zip
  13. Hi Everyone, I just updated Eset Password Manager into latest version in 05/27/2019. When I log in the function still work by auto fill in the password for IBM Lotus Notes 10.0.1 However, It makes the Lotus Note Email crashed. First time I think the IBM Lotus Notes got a problem, I tried to re-install it; get support from Notes Help Desk but the Lotus Notes still crash in use. After I tried to remove Eset Smart Security Premium (The Eset Password Manager removed, as well). Then IBM Lotus Note work as normal. I also try to re-install Eset Smart Security Premium again with Eset Password Manager Enable. The IBM Lotus Note crash again. After Disable Eset Password Manager, Lotus Note work normally. Note: Before upgrade to Eset Password Manager latest version, the previous version works well with IBM Lotus Note without a problem. Please help me with a solution to resolve this problem.
  14. I already created the offline license file. Thank you for support.
  15. Hi All, I tried to create offline file in ELA and EBA, but progress was still loading. Please check and resolve this problem.
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