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  1. If I open Eset Smart Security and click on the Sysrescue link it results in a 404 error code? So does the link you provided above the both lead no where? The only way to find is to do a manual search come on guys?
  2. I have downloaded numerous copies created the .iso, DVD & numerous USB flash drives. It starts like it should then gets to the boot screen that says: E: Unable to locate any package files, perhaps this is not a Debian Disc or the wrong architecture? The screen is like a DOS screen and hangs their (I can type and exit but it still will hang up). This is a high end Asus Motherboard with Intel CPU core 4 @ 3.6ghz 14gigs of RAM with a Kingston SSD drive. I am a fully certified and highly experienced A+ & Net+ Certified Techy. Every possible configuration including Virtualization has been either enabled or tried with the Motherboard, CPU and Ram This computer runs flawlessly, very fast and reliable configuration it's very unlikely Intel or Asus that's preventing this from booting? From the Error it would seem to be the downloads from Eset is incomplete as I stated earlier, I have downloaded numerous copies and when I open the .iso using Power Iso it seems like a complete download. It appears to complete the creation process on both USB and DVD and gives a Big Green checkmark saying everything is ready to go? Waste of time and resources we have deployed Eset Smart Security across numerous networks and now I'm embarrassed why doesn't this work?
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