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  1. New version again 3.0.964.0-0.
  2. Just reinstalled and an old problem reappeared - I have two devices on my.eset , "phone" and "phone"-1. This issue was resolved before. It was a time when I had 7 devices registered on my.eset for the same phone.
  3. Just got an update. What is new ?
  4. A thousand apologies....Android/Fobus.E signature delivered today.
  5. Now we are celebrating Easter, so no update since 16 apr...... Tomorrow is Saint George...I guess new updates will arrive (maybe) on 24 apr ?
  6. Go to Settings->Security->Device Administrator and uncheck ESET. Enter your password. After that you must be able to uninstall EMS.
  7. Problems only appears after update to virus signature database 4486. If you didn't get the update you had no issue.
  8. Beta had the same problems. It even brick my phone at a fresh install. Now Google play version (beta) is OK.
  9. Thank's, your right - just found this:"HINWEIS: Die Anti-Theft-Funktion funktioniert nicht auf Tablets, die keine Textnachrichten unterstützen." This says exactly what you äusseres - that's a big minus, because nearly every other Tool works with Internet Swatch.... Wait until EMS update problems are solved and try the new beta:"The new BETA version has an improved user interface and full integration of Anti-Theft into the web interface at my.eset.com." That should work with tablets too. See here
  10. I tried to reinstall and I get a bricked phone. Had to take the battery out to be able to restart it and get rid of EMS from my phone. It is a very serious bug. I wonder what users without much technical knowledge are doing now with their bricks. Hope someone is working on this.
  11. I could not access EMS GUI anymore , just a black screen so no settings menu can be reached. Anti-Theft was activated , password protected , phone connected to my.eset. With all that I could disable device adm with no pass.
  12. I have the same problem on EMS beta after the last update. Uninstalled. No password for device admin was asked !!!
  13. I can confirm this. Mine is also 3.1349 , fresh install ( I was testing an other phone security app).
  14. VirusLab team seems to be back in business. Seven new updates in two days ! That is great and makes me feel confident again... Long breaks are bad for EMS health...
  15. Hi, I vizit VirusRadar regularly as I like to know what new threats appear. Virus lab seems to focus now only on windows with constant signature updates. Luckily , as the java signatures are common for windows, win. mobile and symbian some EMS users do get some updates. Returning to Android , a lack of updates for one week now for me is unusual and totally unexplicable. All other vendors I've checked do have up to date signatures so I suspect new threats appeared. IMHO this is affecting users confidence in EMS and you do not want that.
  16. Thank you for your answer,Aryeh. After we used to get 2,3 even 4 updates daily it's hard to ignore such a long break. I don't see the same behaviour on other mobile security applications that I like to play with. Hope you are right and "no new malware has appeared requiring a signature update".
  17. No updates for EMS android since dec. 23. Four days without any updates. What's happening ? Are ESET developers still celebrating Christmas ? Or perhaps malware developers have gone into winter holidays ?
  18. Finaly the isssue was solved. Task manager does kill EMS but the app is restarted imediately after that. I am glad you confirm the issue on Xperia phone and not only " on certain Samsung mobile phones" as Marcos stated. Luckily ESET developers solved the problem alone and did not expect Google to fix it because that, probably, would never have happened.
  19. The new version 2.0.843 restarts itself after being killed by task manager, keeping the device protected. It's the same thing KIS4A was doing for a very long time (I've explained this to Marek Lelovic in a e-mail some time ago) . And I don't think Google fixed anything..... Congratulations!
  20. I'm investing time and resources working for you,trying to help. Sometimes even I do not understand why. And because this dialogue is not constructive I'll stop here. Good luck!
  21. Long time passed and no answer. I will try to reproduce that on my phone. That is the worst scenario for a security suite - to be killed without user intervention! Still waiting for an ESET staff opinion...
  22. New version 2.0.815 is still killed by task manager... Andreas from AV-Comparatives said in "Mobile Security Review August 2013" that "using the Task Manager to close unused apps saves battery life". That is perfectly correct and is the method used by many people to free memory. What they do not know is that closing EMS let the phone completely unprotected without any warning. And this is , from my point of view , unacceptable.
  23. I was not able to kill via task manager , and left the phone unprotected , any of the three that you mentioned. Eicar test still detected after "cleaning" ! Tried several times.
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