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  1. Hi Thats ok and i know about that, but... Most Customers of any Android App (not only "eset") will use the way by downloading the App from "Google Play" - thats a fact. So if eset want to be in the market/to sell their product and not just supporting Free Versions (and im quit shure they will) they must think about Ways to easily change from a Adroid Free App to a Pay/Premium App. And in case of european (specially German) Users, they do not use Creditcards that often. So just offering Creditcard Payment is a silly idea .... And in the end, if this is a Problem for a new eset Customer like me, where else should i ask for help then in a eset Forum ? I also asked the eset support, but they dont work on Weekend - and if some other german customers read my Question (while having the same Problem) it does not help them, when i get find the Answer by eset support - it should be in here, where everybody can read it, or ? Because this is a active part of what you call "support of ESET software in a eset Forum, dont you think so ? So for all the Germans out there: If you dont have a Creditcard, but want to chage your Free Eset Version into a Premium Account, just buy a "PrePaid" Google Play Card (the are in 15/25.. Euro) in any Store or Gasstation ("Tankstelle") and it will work easy
  2. Shure, but all of the readers couldnt find out, that the soluton is a simple Google Play "PrePaid Card" ?
  3. Ok, that's it - i found the solution by myself. It was such a simple thing, so i really wonder about all you People reding this Thread - but not answering (not knowing ?). So iḿ leaving this Place ;-)
  4. What a useless Forum ! Such a simple Question, so many fews - and not a single Answer :-( The same by sending Mail to eset Support, also no Answer.... What a Bullsh...!!!
  5. 9 Views, no Answer... Difficult Question ? Seems that Eset does not realize, that in Germany most People *don't* have/or even want a Creditcard. So we use "Banküberweisung" or "PayPal" - but how can a german Customer get the Full/Premium Version this Way ?
  6. I use a trial version and want to buy the Full/Premium Version. But i have no Creditcad, and Eset does not accept PayPal (wonder why ?), so how can i pay ?
  7. Any idea, when the offical release will come out ? And (maybe a silly Question, but as im new on Android) will it be a kind of Update via Google Play Store ? So will i be informed automaticly ?
  8. Thank's, your right - just found this:"HINWEIS: Die Anti-Theft-Funktion funktioniert nicht auf Tablets, die keine Textnachrichten unterstützen." This says exactly what you äusseres - that's a big minus, because nearly every other Tool works with Internet Search....
  9. Hallo I'm working with a "Asus Memopad HD 7" and actually a "ESET Mobile Security for Android" Premium Try Version. Everything's fine except missing the Function "Anti Theft". It's not in the Tool in the Mobile Device, neither do i find it anywhere online ? What's wrong ?
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